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Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

Have you had a nighttime visitor on your door or just want to keep an eye on your property even when you’re away from home? And want to buy Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System for outdoor surveillance.

In any case, an outdoor security camera will give you stress-free safety measures that you need to take to identify home burglars.
Since an outdoor security camera is something that is the same as an indoor hidden camera you buy for the long term. Which having proper knowledge about the best outdoor security cameras in the market is very important

No idea about security cameras?

We have done all the research for you and picked the best of the security cameras available out there in the market.

What makes an outdoor security camera the best?

There are some factors that you need to consider before buying a Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System. Fortunately, the latest outdoor security cameras have all the smart features that you need for surveillance of your belongings. 

1. Higher video quality:

This means clearer images and that is the first thing we want in our security camera.

2. Night vision:

Night vision of an outdoor security camera is something that you can’t ignore. You need them footages to be clearer.

3. Storage:

Having enough storage on a security camera is important if you want to identify an intruder or need to use the camera footage for any kind of evidence. That’s why most security cameras offer cloud storage or local storage

Note: Cloud storage will charge you monthly and has limited storage space for data while in local storage your footage data stores in a nearby device but there is a downside to the storage cloud that you need to remember is that you might fill up the device with data and the security camera will no longer be able to store new data until you clear the hard drive.

4. Level of resistance:

Outdoor security cameras should be waterproof if it’s going to expose to rain.

5. Two-way audio:

Two way audio on a security camera is a way of communication between the outsider and you so before opening the door you already know who is at your parking lot. You can also shun away an intruder by telling him that police are on the way and he has been caught on the camera. This will work as a psychological deterrent.

6. Pan, tilt, and zoom feature:

In order to get the best possible viewing angle, cameras with remote control pan, tilt and zoom function can provide video surveillance to larger areas.

7. Mobile control:

Make sure to choose a camera that is compatible with your mobile device as many outdoor security cameras nowadays have this amazing feature of sending a live feed stream directly to your mobile phone so you can keep an eye on your home while you are away.

What is the best security camera for night vision?

Buying the best security camera for night vision is not an easy job but the most commonly used night time vision cameras are the ones that rely on infrared lights and called infrared(IR) night vision.
IR LEDs are completely invisible to the naked eye but can be seen by an IP camera. Our top pick for the best night vision security camera is the Reolink autofocus security camera and we will tell you why.

How far home security cameras can see?

The range of sight of a home security camera depends on different factors such as camera resolution, sensor, and lens. There are some factors that can affect the range of a surveillance camera.

  • Field of view – The field of view is very important for surveillance cameras. Because the wider the field of view is, the more you can see of the scene which simply means the line of sight however there is a downside to it as the object will appear smaller and fewer details will be shown.
  • Quality of the camera – The range of outdoor security cameras also depends on the quality of your security camera. Better quality cameras can go a little higher on the price but they are the best when it comes to performance. Besides, cameras on the expensive side also provide technical support.
  • Distance – If an object is nearer you will see it more clearly than an object far away. The same rule applies to security cameras.
  • Location – The location where you place your security camera is also an important factor to consider when it comes to determining the range of a security camera. So these are some indicators that will help you estimate the range of your outdoor security camera.

How can I increase the range of my wireless camera?

Long-range wireless cameras are the best performers when it comes to long-distance however anything related to the internet, its only good as long as the internet range goes. Here are some tips that experts use to extend the range of wireless security cameras

Location of the router:

As wi-fi signals can not travel far enough, so the placement of the wi fi router is a key factor that can impact your wireless range a lot. We will not go into the details of locations which can reduce the range of wireless security cameras; instead, we will show you the most suitable place for the placement of the router.

The best place for placement of the router is a central area with minimum to no wall and barriers.

Wifi extenders:

You can also use wifi range extenders to increase the range of your wifi. If you are placing multiple cameras, wifi range extenders can help you bridge the distance between your wifi router and security cameras.

Secured wi-fi connection:

Your neighbors might be playing some heavy-duty online games on your wifi and you are not aware. Multiple users can also affect the range and speed of wifi connection. So, Secure your wi-fi connection with a password to avoid neighbors or hackers.

Updated firmware:

Use an updated firmware as an outdated firmware can affect the range and speed of your wifi connection.

What is the best long-range wireless security camera system?

Reading all the different factors that go into consideration when it comes to buying the best wireless home camera system. You now must be fully aware of all the technical factors and ready to choose the best home security system for your house.

Since it is a crucial investment that needs to be taken very carefully as security cameras are something that you don’t buy every year. We have picked the best wireless security camera system. That delivers most of the features a security camera can possibly have.

Reolink AutoFocus RLC-411S IP Camera:

Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

Reolink autofocus IP camera is specially designed to focus on night vision capabilities. Which makes it stand out among other home security cameras. Its installation is very easy and has durable software.


  • With its four times optical zoom, you can zoom into the minor details of your object and identify the object easily without compromising the video quality.
  • Reolink autofocus IP camera also comes with a zoom lens with a viewing angle of 36 to 100 degrees.
  • Through the Reolink mobile app, you can get a live stream of your home security camera while you are away from home.
  • It comes with a built-in storage capacity of 16 GB.
  • It also detects motion and sound and starts recording automatically  when its motion and sound sensors are triggered
  • Reolink also allows playbacks which are very helpful when it comes to object identification

Arlo Pro 3 Security Camera System:

Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

The Arlo Pro 3 is the Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System. as it is one of the most up to date home security cameras out there. Arlo Pro 3 also stands at the top among the best long-range security cameras.


  • Arlo Pro 3 offers high definition 2k video quality. It contains two cameras and is resistant to any kind of weather and rain.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and google assistant
  • It has a color night vision with a built-in IR LED light which can be activated both manually and through the sensor
  • With a 160-degree viewing angle, the camera provides a wide-angle field of view.
  • Built-in siren for emergency protection. Its motion detection feature can start recording at an event if it detects motion or sound.
    Its noise-canceling feature cancels the noise of two-way audio with more clear communication.
  • You can also add an additional camera to the Arlo Pro 3 two-camera system
  • It has the best night vision capabilities so the night vision is also very clear.
  • Since the camera is wire-free, you don’t have to deal with sneaky/broken wires.

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Note: The Pro 3 also offers a  three-month free trial of Arlo Smart, Arlosmart has advanced features like 30 days of recording history, activity zones, E-911 calling, and advanced detection.