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Cobra 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Cameras

The industry continues to grow every day and it is very important to have an extraordinary security system. Apart from industry, security system for a home should be exceptional. There are lots of options and it is not easy to choose the right one for you.

If you are looking for the best surveillance system for your home or industry then you have come to the right place. Cobra 4 channel wireless surveillance system with 2 cameras is one of the best security cameras. It is the best security system which will meet both ends.

There are few things you should consider before reaching out for a security camera. The first thing that you need to consider is what type of home or industry monitoring alarm are you going to use. Another thing is to consider the system’s technology and automation capabilities, security system packages, security system costs, and professional versus DIY alarm installation.

Cobra 4 is providing you all the desirable options. It allows you to implement the security system you want to with multiple options to determine cameras without hassle.

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Surveillance cameras are also known as automatic number plate recognition system. They normally work on IP networks which links the camera from the remote area to the assigned security location. Cobra security system falls under the category of the best security system for home and community.

Easy to hookup:

The security camera system is as good as they come. This is so easy to hookup, plug, and play. Setting up the system is super easy. You need power to plugin cameras. There are no issues with the installation, you can do it easily while plugin with the unit or receiver. It is very crucial to sync up with the automatic device.

Field of view:

It is also known as the viewing angle. This is an important feature to consider. Cobra cameras provide you this unique and remarkable facility. This feature enables you to see where the camera is positioned. The viewing angle also helps you to determine how much you can see at a time.

This also enables you to see the details of the narrow and wide field. A narrower field allows you to see images in more detail while the wider field helps you to see more without rotation of the camera.

Cloud or local storage:

The best security cameras are ones that provide you backup storage both at the local or cloud level. Here again, cobra’s system providing you this crucial feature. Its local storage helps you to store all the videos and images that are capturing. Whenever you capture a video it will be automatically saved in the nearby local stores. For this purpose, you can also use the SD card format.

Moreover, you can use cloud storage to save extra details and records. One thing that is most important is that don’t need to pay for cloud storage. It is totally free from additional charges.

SD card format:

There is a format for the SD card. Whenever you need up-gradation you can use the feature to make your security system remarkable. The memory card is on the monitor and cannot be outside picked off.

Motion detection:

They are extremely sensitive to detect motion. If we talk about its picture quality it’s remarkable. Day and night image quality especially at night the pictures are impressively clear. Moreover, the cameras can capture exclusive details.

Build-in security:

This is an excellent feature that provides you relief from extra worries. Its build-in security feature enables you to be more protective. This wireless camera system has an advantage in wired security cameras. These are password protected and cannot be hacked easily.

On the other hand, wired security cameras can be hacked. Their cable runs from DVR to store footage, record and data. Therefore their cameras can be jammed and can hack easily.

Use the phone app:

There is another excellent feature. You can use the mobile app to connect your security system. You can set your user name and password to enhance your security features. Moreover, the settings for cobra cameras are built right into the surveillance software.

You can set up automatically cobra cameras by clicking on an IP camera with a wizard. Meanwhile, you can check your cameras are listed or not. You can change URL settings whenever you want. You can also generate or modify URL code anytime. This is remarkable for remote excess.

SpecificationsCobra 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Cameras


Resolution for cobra cameras is 800H x 480V RGB. It helps you to the featured high-quality picture. Its RGB color mode enhances the color gratification.


Lenses are optimal for better resolution, which ultimately leads to better quality. You can use an old security system with a new and better lens. The lens which is used for the cobra cameras has a resolution of 3.3mm.

The picture is formatted in pixels. Effective pixels for cobra cameras are 1280H and 720V.

Image type:

It has two types of images. One is a daylight image and the other one is infrared. Daylight image includes a color image with a complete RGB color mode. The infrared image contains black and white images. Infrared images are helpful for night vision type images.

They use infrared LEDs with a low light sensor. This is what makes it remarkable for night vision.  Its night vision range is 65ft.


The receiver contains a screen, manual buttons for settings like to set modulation. There is also a button to adjust audio. There are other features that include power rating, operating temperature, and memory. There is also a feature for the SD card known as SD card format.

Pros and Cons:


  • Convenient monitoring from anywhere
  • Reduce crime rates at the public level
  • No need for agreement or investment
  • Easy setup and installation


  • Complex to use
  • Costly to purchase
  • Easy abuse of surveillance
  • Difficult to install for unfamiliar
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As we have discussed all the features and details about the Cobra 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System with 2 Cameras. Overall it is good to use and provides you an extra security feature. The most important feature that I like is its ability to provide the field of vision. This is a unique feature that makes a surveillance system extraordinary.

I would definitely recommend you if you are worried about your home and industry security. Moreover, it has perfect use for public security.