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Are you curious about the conversations taking place around you? Are you looking for a way to improve your hearing? Are you bored and have nothing to do? Are you too busy doing your work and want to relax?

Communication is one of the most essential things for anyone in this modern world. A person who does not know how to interact properly with his fellow beings might as well become an outcast. A person who understands the power of communication can turn a simple gathering into an ocean of knowledge or a dynamic team-building event.

Ear Spy Pro Apk is a new android application which gives you the ability to eavesdrop on any phone call you desire. This is a premium version mobile app, and there is also an outstanding version available at no cost.

What Is Ear Spy Pro Apk?

Ear Spy Pro is an app which lets you listen to the surrounding sounds from your phone. It uses the microphone of your device to record the surrounding audio and display it in real time on the screen. You can then play the recorded audio again, either through the app or through your phone’s media player.

The free version of Ear Spy Pro has some limitations, such as a maximum recording length of 1 minute and no background recording. The paid version removes all these restrictions, so if you want to use Ear Spy Pro for any serious purpose then you should probably consider buying it.

Ear Spy Pro Apk is an application which allows you to listen to what people are saying without disturbing them. This is possible by using the microphone of your smartphone or tablet.

This app offers many features like monitoring, recording, playback and sharing. All these features are available for free in this app. However, if you want more features then you need to pay for them. This app will help you in many ways such as spying on someone or listening to your favorite music without disturbing others around you.

The app works by using your device’s microphone so that you can hear everything around you clearly even when there is no sound coming from any source like speakers or headphones etc… You can also use this app as a voice recorder because it has an excellent quality recording feature which will help you record anything with ease even if there is no sound at all around you!

Basic Features of Ear Spy Pro Apk

The app has been tested and reviewed by many users and it has proven to be helpful in many occasions. Some of its main features include:

  1. Recording Quality

The app has a high recording quality which allows you to record sounds clearly without any interference. The recordings are stored on your device so that you can listen to them later or share them with friends and family members. 

This makes it possible for you to record a conversation or an event without anyone knowing about it. You can also save voice messages from calls or videos recorded by other apps like Instagram, Snapchat etc.

  1. Stealth Mode – Invisible Recorder

The stealth mode is one of the best features of ear spy pro apk because it allows you to record conversations without anyone knowing about it. This feature makes this software ideal for business meetings, interviews and other important meetings where you need evidence of what was said during the meeting or interview. You can also use this feature in case someone wants to record a conversation without their knowledge.

  1. Listen to what is being said around you

This is one of my favorite features of Ear Spy Pro Apk because it allows me to listen to everything being said around me without having to ask people around me if they have something important to say. This way, I do not have to be distracted from my work and yet I can still listen to what people are saying around me without having them know that I am listening to them at all. This feature also comes with a built-in recording feature so you can record everything that is being said in the room you are in.

  1. See What Is Being Said Around You with Your Phone’s Camera

By using this feature, you will be able to see through walls as well as other objects like glass or any other material that may be blocking your view from seeing what is happening on the other side of these objects by using your phone’s camera and then displaying it on your smartphone.

  1. Noise Suppression

This feature helps block out background noise so that you can hear what people are saying clearly even if they are in a noisy environment such as a crowded room or street corner where there is traffic noise and other sounds going on around them. This feature works very well when used with headphones so that there is no distraction from outside noises while using this app on your phone or tablet device at home or wherever else you want to listen in on.

How To Download And Install Ear Spy Pro Apk? / Ear spy pro apk free download

Ear Spy Pro Apk is very easy to use and anyone can easily install it on their Android device. In this post you will learn How to download and Install Ear Spy Pro Apk?

Step 1: Open your browser and search for “Download Ear Spy Pro”

Step 2: Click on the first result (

Step 3: Click “Download APK” button or “Get It on Google Play Store” button

Step 4: Click “Install” button to start downloading process

Step 5: Once downloaded completely, click “Open” button to open this application

How to Use Ear Spy pro Apk

  • Once installed, open the application and grant all the permissions required by it.
  • Now, tap on Start Listening button to start recording conversations around you.
  • Once started, you will see a small microphone icon in your notification bar which will indicate that the app is working properly and recording everything around you silently.
  • To stop recording, simply press the stop listening button on the main screen of Ear Spy Pro application


Ear Spy Pro Apk is a great application that employs innovative technology to take eavesdropping and surveillance to the next level. The features it offers are more advanced than anything you have ever seen before. It may not be as popular as some other tools of this kind, but it really deserves your attention. You will be pleasantly surprised by its efficiency and simplicity. In order to find out what a great ear listening tool can do for you, try Ear Spy Pro Apk now.