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highster mobile vs flexispy

Highster Mobile VS Flexispy: A Complete Guide (2023)

Are you looking for a spy app? If so, then you have come to the right place. Here, we compare Highster Mobile VS Flexispy in order to help you make a decision on which one to buy. We will look at their features, pricing, and more so that you can make an informed choice.

Highster Mobile VS Flexispy is the two top-quality mobile spy apps that you can use to track the activities of any mobile device. Both apps have their own unique features, but when it comes to comparing them, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Highster Mobile is a powerful mobile monitoring software that can help you spy on any cell phone in the world. It is compatible with all popular platforms and it’s easy to use.

An Intro to Flexispy vs Highster Mobile

Both Highster Mobile, and Flexispy are powerful monitoring apps that allow you to spy on your partner’s phone. You can monitor text messages and calls, as well as see their exact location by GPS tracking. 

Both of these services offer a free trial period, which is great for trying out the app to see if it works for your needs before committing to a subscription fee.

You should note that Highster Mobile is only available for Android phones, while Flexispy works with both Android and iOS devices. However, both are available for Windows computers and Mac computers as well!

Features of Spy Software 

Highster Mobile is a good spy software, but FlexiSpy is better. However, HighsterMobile has some features that FlexiSpy does not have like the ability to see deleted messages on WhatsApp and Telegram, see phone calls log history and also track messages on Viber, WeChat and Skype. HighsterMobile costs less than Flexispy as well so if you want something cheaper than this is the one for you.

Spy software is a technologically advanced solution that allows you to monitor all the activities of a smartphone or computer. This type of software records all new incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, phone calls, web surfing history, social media activity and more.

Features of Spy Software:

  • Spy on cell phone text messages
  • Spy on cell phone location
  • Spy on cell phone calls
  • Spy on cell phone photos and videos
  • Spy on computer users activities

Main Features of HighsterMobile 

Highster Mobile is a mobile spy app that can be installed on the target phone. It allows you to monitor your child’s or employees mobile activity. You can view the location of their device, read their messages, listen to calls and get access to the gallery. The monitoring software also records all incoming and outgoing calls on the monitored device.

The Highster Mobile dashboard allows you to access all of its features easily in one place:

  • Logs – view logs for SMS, MMS messages, browser history, call records and GPS locations;
  • Call List – listen to recordings of incoming/outgoing calls;
  • Gallery Viewer – view photos taken with front/rear cameras;
  • Message History – read SMS messages sent or received from any contact number including deleted ones (if available);

Main Features of FlexiSpy 

FlexiSpy is a premium spy software that provides you with the most powerful and flexible monitoring solution on the market. FlexiSPY is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The following are some of its main features:

  • Stealth Mode – The stealth mode feature allows you to monitor your child or employee without them knowing it. 
  • This is done by sending text messages from their phone to yours (or another number) where they will be sent a confirmation message asking if they want to authorize this new number as an ‘Approved Caller’. 
  • Once this has been authorized, all calls made/received will be recorded by FlexiSPY with no indication at all on their phone. This makes it completely undetectable!
  • Call Tracking – Track calls made or received using a mobile device anywhere in the world! You can see who has been calling & texting so you know exactly what your child or employee is talking about at any time of day without having to listen in directly yourself!

Word on UI of Spy Software: Flexispy vs Highster Mobile 

Flexispy is easier to use, especially if you have little experience with mobile spy software. The process of installing and using it on your device is very straightforward. Moreover, Flexispy has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily access the features offered by the software. 

On the other hand, Highster Mobile is more difficult to use than Flexispy because it doesn’t have a good user interface and also requires some technical know-how.

The best thing about this app is its nice UI design which makes using it even easier than before. It also offers plenty of great features such as call recording and text message interception among others

Pricing of Spy Software: Flexispy vs Highster Mobile 

Highster Mobile is more expensive than Flexispy. While it is true that you can get a free version of Highster Mobile, it will not be adequate for monitoring most phones. The free version only allows you to monitor the phone’s location and call history and does not allow you to access the target phone’s messages or photos.

If you want access to all of the features in Highster Mobile, then you will have to pay for it. Once again this is something that cannot be said about Flexispy which comes with all its features already unlocked and ready for use by default which means no monthly payments required!

Similarities: Flexispy vs Highster Mobile

There are many similarities between FlexiSPY and Highster Mobile. Both are spy software, have free trials and web-based control panel. You can install either of them on any device — be it an iPhone or Android phone, iPad or desktop computer. 

They also feature stealth mode that helps you keep your spying activities undetected by the target device user. Additionally, you can remotely install both monitoring apps if necessary.

Both FlexiSPY vs Highster Mobile offer call recording capabilities so that you can listen to all conversations held on the monitored phone. 

Furthermore, they provide GPS tracking features which allow tracking of a person’s whereabouts in real time using Google Maps street view mode or other mapping services available online today (e.g., Waze). 

Both products allow parents to monitor their child’s activity while they’re away from home; they give peace of mind knowing that everything is going well with their children at school/college without having to ask them constantly what they did during the day!

Differences: Flexispy vs Highster Mobile

Flexispy is the best. Highster Mobile is the best. The differences between Flexispy and Highster Mobile are so vast they could fill an entire book, but let’s just look at some of the main points here:

  • Flexispy has more features than Highster Mobile. It gives you control over every aspect of your child’s phone usage, whereas Highster only lets you view call logs, texts and messages sent or received. 
  • You can also use it to monitor how much time they spend on each app every day; set up a virtual fence for them to stay within; block websites from being accessed by them; and even unlock their phones remotely if they lose their password!
  • FlexiSPY has been around longer than Highster Mobile so it has had more time to fine-tune its product offerings into something truly amazing (therefore also having better customer support).

Which is the best: Flexispy vs Highster Mobile 

Both apps offer the same basic features; however, there are also some important differences between them. If you’re trying to choose between Highster Mobile and Flexispy, make sure to evaluate not just the features of both, but also how they differ from one another. 

After all, there may be some standalone features that you need in your spy app that only one of the two will provide.

Best of all, FlexiSPY is the perfect Spy Software tool to spy on someone! So if you’re looking for a top quality spy software to keep your kids safe and sound, you’ve found it! The only trouble you’ll get into with FlexiSPY is the fact that you will be taken aback by just how much this package can do. It’s a tremendous value!


We have discussed here Flexispy vs Highster Mobile. Overall, the comparison of these two software has shown that Flexispy is the best. It has many more features, a better UI and a lower price tag than Highster Mobile.

One can’t help noticing that Highster Mobile is the more popular of the two, but still there are users who prefer Flexispy over it. We consider Flexispy to be far more advanced technology from Highster. In our opinion, FlexiSPY is more commonly chosen because it requires very little time and effort on the user’s part: installation is quick and intuitive and it does require any extra purchases for complete tracking. 

Highster, on the other hand, may require multiple additional downloads depending on each user’s needs, plus it also has a recurring cost every month or every year.