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How to Tell If a Smoke Detector Is a Hidden Camera [2022]

There are many types of hidden camera are available which are used for the secret recording of audio and videos of any person. But the hidden camera in smoke detector alarm is the awesome device that is used to hide any type of spy gadgets.

Spy camera in smoke detector device can be made by yourself if you have all equipment and has the skill of how to make homemade spy gadgets. Moreover, readymade smoke detector hidden cameras available in local or online stores.

All of the top intelligence agencies in the world use hidden cameras in the smoke detectors for better surveillance. That is the common question – How to Detect Hidden Camera in Smoke Detector. In this article, we would cover all aspects of finding the hidden camera in a smoke detector in an easy way.

What is the best smoke detector hidden camera?

Although, many types of smoke detector hidden camera are available but a best smoke detector has following specifications:

Portability – the selection of smoke detector embedded by spy camera base on it portability. In simple words, its easy to move smoke detector from one roof to other roof.

Wi-Fi connectivity – best smoke detector hidden camera has the ability of Wi-Fi connectivity used to transfer the images to mobile device.

Power Source – it should have the chargeable dry battery which can make functional the smoke detector for 8-12 hours.

Motion detection activation – by this feature, camera take the footage only when a motion is come to notice. It’s increase the recording time of smoke detector.

Remote Control – may be ceiling of the room at the height of 8 feet then you cannot handle it by your hand. So remote helps to operate it easily.

Resolution – to get the better result of recoded video or image, the resolution of spy camera should be 1080p.

Before we learn about How to Detect Hidden Camera in Smoke Detector, you must the knowledge of following questions:

What is the best place to mount a hidden camera smoke detector?

There are the best places where these type of spy gadgets frequently used:

  • Rented room (Airbnb)
  • Washroom of hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Rooms at airports
  • Offices

Who uses a spy camera hidden smoke detector?

  • Owner of property
  • Host
  • Contractor of Building
  • Spy agents
  • Back Mailer
  • Spouse
  • Competitors

How to Tell If a Smoke Detector Is a Hidden Camera

Following are the key steps to detect hidden camera in smoke detectors:

How to Detect Hidden Camera in Smoke Detector

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Materials: Anti Bug Device, Mobile

Tools: Torch Light, Screw Driver

Step 1: Observe the whole room manually

First of all, when you enter a new place or strange room, briefly observe all corners of the rooms and the ceiling of the room. If you are the most famous personality or employee of a sensitive organization then you should follow the pre-defined SOP to minimize to being spied.

how to mount smoke detector in room

According to my experience, if one room has two smoke detectors in one room then there are more chances, one might be used for spying purposes.

Step 2: Switch Off light

smoke detector hidden camera

After successful completion of the first step, switch off all light of the room and surrounding premises. Turn on flashlight of your mobile or torch, start closely scanning of all devices and all corners of the room carefully. Each hidden camera uses the lens, when flashlight put on the lens, then this lens reflects light back. You can easily spot out the hidden camera from any device.

Step 3: Scan Networks

scan network of hidden camera smoke detector

Maximum spy gear uses the internet for close communication with the receiver and mobile of your host. You can use your mobile phone to scan a network for hidden camera.

Step 4: Create smog near the smoke detector

Create smog near the smoke detector

It is clear that a smoke detector which is placed in the room only works for smog or fire recognition. If you have a doubt that the smoke detector contains spy gadgets then to confirm it you can generate smog near smoke detector. If an alarm rings then it sure that the device is not bugged with hidden spy gear.

Step 5: Use your mobile phone

Use your mobile phone to detect hidden camera in smoke detector

Search all available Wi-Fi-based internet connections. Sometimes, your mobile scan the network of bluetooth Spy camera Device. You can use common Username: Admin and Password: 123456 and after configuration you can access this camera.

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Step 6: Use Scanner

Anti Spy Detector Small Lens Finder Laser Bug Scanner Spy Finder

There are many debug devices which are accessible from local or online platforms. Some debug scanner has the ability of scanning different types of frequency and wavelengths of rays in the room. These devices can easily detect the frequency of spy cameras.

Step 7: Unmounts Smoke detector

unmount smoke detector

Sometimes smoke detectors in your room are different shapes as compared to commonly used smoke detectors. If a smoke detector device with awkward shape and more than one hole is mounted in the ceiling of the room then you should be vigilant and try to remove it from the ceiling.

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Step 8: Open Smoke detector

Open Smoke detector to find hidden camera

That is also an easy way to clear the doubt of being spies. Firstly, look at the room and use the stairs to access the smoke detector. Secondly, open or swing the upper part of the device and try to open it.

Finally, you can easily see the inside area of the device. If the smoke detector has a spy camera or other spy voice recorder then you can clearly see it.

Step 9: Turn Off router

According to experience, a large number of bluetooth spy camera devices use modern technology such as they use the internet for live streaming with mobile phones or other storage devices. Hence, if you found an active internet router in your hotel room or rented house, you should switch off this router to minimize the effect of spy gadgets.

10. Hack Security Camera:

Although, there are many hacking methods that are used by the hacker to take control of any electric device present near him. You can use these tactics of how to hack home security camera to find out all spy cameras in your room.

Tips: If you confirmed that the smoke detector in your present room embedded by spy camera or voice recorder then you should wrap the thin cloth and tissue paper around smoke detector device.

How do I know if my smoke detector has a camera?

1: Strange floor setting:

2. Use two smoke detector at one ceiling

3. Blinking of light

4. Smoke Detector mounted at the wall

5. The wire around the Smoke detector

6. Awkward shape

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Final Thoughts of How to Detect Hidden Camera in Smoke Detector:

It can be concluded that there are 100% chances one smoke detector embedded by a spy hidden camera to make a hole in your privacy. But you can save yourself and your family from these hidden eyes with the upper given procedure and with the help of debugging devices.