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How To Hack Home Security Cameras

In modern times, CCTV cameras are used at almost every place including shops, schools, malls, and even your own house. Whether you rent or own a house, you just want to secure your place from the bad happenings, and for this reason, you want to choose the best surveillance system to keep an eye at your place.

how to hack home security cameras

After owning the best surveillance system and cameras, you are sure that these cameras cannot be hacked, but the hackers and top-secret spy agencies know how to hack home security cameras to turn the tables around. They know how to sneak in your security system and get your footages.

So here we are bringing you an alarmingly simple way of hacking a security camera. And also to mention that a majority of the websites you will find ways to hack the public cameras not the private ones, but here we are telling you that way, how hackers can hack your private security cameras. The steps that they follow are mentioned below:

1. Install Angry IP Scanner:

Firstly, you have to download the “Angry IP Scanner”. Basically, the Angry IP scanner is a powerful GUI Port scanner that looks for any open ports in the security system. Hackers usually scan for which port is open in order to exploit it. Angry IP scanner is available for all major OS. You need to first download and install the scanner.

2. Find Your Own IP:

Then you need to choose the correct and proper IP Address, it is really important to choose the correct IP address or it can make you in up in trouble. Mostly, CCTV cameras are connected to the broadband internet, so if you are accessing through the broadband then find your public IP address first. And it is easy to do so; all you need to do is go on to your GOOGLE or Bing search engine and type, “My IP Address”. It will show you your public IP.

3. Configure Angry IP Scanner:

Now you have to configure the angry IP scanner for the CCTV Camera Hacking. To go the tools option and select the preferences option and further it will show you the ports option on the above section, select that ports option and in the ports selection tab you need to now enter 80,8080,23. As soon as you click OK it will scan all the 80,8080,23 ports.

We also need to add the web detect. Web detect helps us to find out the devices that are connected to the internet. This can be the CCTV camera’s name, the CCTV camera’s model name and also the name and the model of the router. And add the web detect, go to the tools, select fetchers and add the web detect option to the left tab from the right one using the option “<<”. And click OK to proceed.

4. Start Scanning:

Now start the IP range scanning. Add the IP range in the IP range tab and click Start. Once the scan gets done, you will find some very important information about the security system in the web detect tab. You will get the following information:

  1. RomPager/4.07 UPnP/1.0 —– router
  2. UC-httpd 1.0.0 —– CCTV camera
  3. DVRDVS-Webs —– CCTV camera
  4. microhttpd —– router
  5. Webs —– CCTV camera
  6. Hikvision-Webs —– CCTV camera
  7. iBall-Baton —– CCTV camera

Now you have to copy the IP addresses of the detected CCTV cameras and you have to paste it in the browser.

5. Insert Username and Password:

We are halfway through in getting the cameras hacked. Now you need to look for the username and password. Most of the CCTV cameras and routers have configured the same passwords as we mention below:

1. Username: admin | password: admin
2. Username: admin | password: (blank password)
3. Username: admin | password: 12345
4. Username: admin | password: 9999

Some CCTV cameras need plug-in. So, In order to have the plug-in, you have to download it from the same page. In case you are not able to find the plug-in on the same page then you have to visit the manufacturer’s page and download it from there.

6. Crack Password:

  1. It is very possible that you will not be able to get the correct username and password. So in that case if the default passwords do not work, we will have to crack them. And for that Hydra is a powerful brute tool that can help you in cracking the password. All you need to do is add “root@DeepHack:~# hydra -s 80 -l admin -P /root/Desktop/wl/cctvpass.txt -e ns -t 16 targetIP http*” on the space provided and press the enter button. And you will get a variety of usernames and passwords. Now you need to add the following to the engine:

-s 80 — define the port number
-l admin — default login name admin
-P /root/desktop/worldlist.txt — choose your word list for brute force
-e — empty password
ns — try login as password and try the empty password
HTTP — port name for the attack

Using these you can easily get your hand on the surveillance cameras.

7. Final Stage of “How to hack home security cameras”:

As soon as you get the user name and password correctly. BAMM!! You have accessed the security cameras and the private security system is no more private.

Conclusion of “How to hack home security cameras”:

This is the simplest and easiest way to learn about how to hack home security cameras or bluetooth spy camera and access even the best and the most expensive and highly protected security cameras around the world. And hackers will always find a way to get through your security system and reach to your surveillance cameras. So always try having the strongest passwords and use numbers, capital letters, small letters and also symbols. All these together make up some really strong password to protect your cameras and it will be difficult for the hackers to sneak into your place.

This article is being written only for educational purposes. The aim of writing such an article is to make people aware of how they can secure their CCTV cameras by using strong passwords. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS ARTICLE FOR ANY BLACK ART OR FOR ANY CRIMINAL PURPOSES, THANK YOU!!