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How to Make DIY Spy Gadgets?

Do you want to own DIY spy gadgets for kids or are curious to know about how to make DIY spy gadgets? James Bond has the authority’s finances at his disposal and batman has Bruce Wayne’s fortune to count on. But normal mortals like us don’t have those massive bank balances to sponsor our love for the cool DIY spy gadgets.

How to make DIY spy gadgets

Thus, we have to be a bit more innovative and create our own. But don’t worry; you won’t have to get a degree in rocket science to make the simple DIY spy gadgets mentioned below. All you need is patience and hard work to make your very own spy gadgets for kids DIY. You might assume that these traits can also be tough to come by, however, at least they’re all for free!

Today’s article will present to you the list of realistic DIY spy gadgets that will help you learn about how to make those DIY spy gadgets with household items. Read along and you will explore the various ways to spy:

1. The keyhole peeked:

how to make DIY spy camera? Do you want to have a look at what is going on inside a room that is locked? Want to keep an eye on the activities of your target? Well, it is really easy and fun to peek into a room without even getting noticed. This gadget is really simple yet works super amazingly.

All you need:

  • A black card sheet
  • A Glass marble
  • A Tape

Things to remember:

The room that you want to peek in should have the door with the hollow keyhole for you to look through it. And the glass marble should neither be too big from the keyhole nor too small that the marble passes through it is nothing is visible.


Step 1: Take the black card sheet and cut a small rectangular piece out.

Step 2: Roll this piece of card sheet into a cylinder in such a way that the marble gets fixed in that cylinder. Try to make it the exact size so that the glass marble gets fixed in.

Step 3: Now tape the cylinder to keep things in the right place and holla! You have your very own awesome DIY spy gadgets. Keep this on the keyhole and you will see an inverted image of the room very clearly.

2. The mobile frame:

Are you looking for some mobile do it yourself spy gadgets? Do you want to keep an eye on some meetings that are taking place in your absence? Well, this is one of the easy DIY spy gadgets that will help you to be in the room if not physically but virtually and listen to every conversation that takes place.

All you need:

  • A photo frame or a scenery
  • A Micro digital camera (tiniest possible size)
  • A Pinmic
  • A laptop
  • A Tape

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Things to remember:

You need to work very neatly and efficiently in order to not get caught. If you leave any wire hanging beneath the wall hanging it will be obvious that something is going on.


Step 1: Take the photo frame and remove the picture from it. Now make two holes in the frame exactly the same as the micro digital camera at two opposite corners of the frame. This will allow you to setup the wiring between these holes at the back of the frame.

Step 2: Now take the picture and make the holes in the same corners and of the same sizes as you did in the frame.

Step 3: Put back the picture in the frame and fix your camera and Pinmic in the holes you made earlier.

Step 4: Tape up all the wirings at the back of the frame and make sure to keep them neat and tight so nothing could be seen from the front.

Step 5: Connect the camera and the Pinmic to your laptop in another room and you are ready with your very own cool spy gadgets DIY. You can fix this frame in any room you want to and secretly e aware of every movement.

3. The toilet roll:

Now you can converse with your partner and pass on some confidential information in from of everyone without anyone being able to read it through this one of the best DIY spy gadgets. You don’t have to worry if that gets in someone’s hand because this time your information needs some tricks to be read.

All you need:

  • An Empty toilet paper roll
  • A White paper
  • Tape
  • A Glue stick


Step 1: cut thing long strips of your white paper, every strip should be equal in width around 1 cm broad.

Step 2: Stick all the white strips together, with the help of a glue stick, in such a way that you end up having one very long strip.

Step 3: stick one end of the long white strip on one end of the toilet roll and wrap the whole roll with the strip. Once done, tape the second end of the strip to secure it in place.

Step 4: write your message on the strip in such a way that you write each letter each wrapped strip.

Step 5: remove the tapes and unwrap the strip. If somebody tries to read this strip, all they will see is just random letters.

Step 6: Handover your roll and the message strip to your partner. Do not forget to mention that they have to use the same roll that you used to wrap the strip and read the message.

4. The wiretap mug:

how to make a listening device with household stuff? Is someone on the other side of the wall and by any DIY easy spy gadgets you want to hear their conversations? This time too we have got you an easy way in which you can craft DIY spy gadgets on your own.

All you need:

  • A balloon
  • A pair of scissors
  • A mug


Step 1: take a balloon and chop of the narrow side of the balloon with the help of the scissors.

Step 2: pull the balloon on to the mug and your wiretap mug is ready.

Step 3: place the balloon side of the mug onto the wall and you will start hearing voices clearly and there will be no more secrets.

5. The scratch card with a protective layer:

How do you make a homemade scratch card? Let’s pass on a secret card to your partner which looks a normal card but has your secret mission in it. This homemade DIY spy gadget for kids will help you to keep your confidential data a pure secret. Moreover, your data is super safe and no one can ever get to it until you tell them how to.

All you need:

  • A Tape
  • Any Paint of your choice
  • Some Liquid soap
  • Paintbrush
  • Coin


Step 1: Take a card piece and write your message on the card. Next, stick the tape on the entire surface of the card.

Step 2: Next, mix the paint with the liquid soap and paint it on the card using a paint brush. And wait until it gets dry to add the second layer. Similarly add several layers to make your code opaque.

Step 3: Pass on your card to your partner and hand them over a coin. When they want to read your message, scratch the paint and your code will appear, safe and clear.

6. The Cola Ink:

Another amazing DIY spy gadget easy which helps you to pass on your letter to your fellow spy detective is the cola ink. All your secrets and confidential data will be in front of everyone but still the best part remains that no one can ever read it. This kid spy gadget DIY is a savor in all times.

 All you need:

  • A cola drink
  • A paintbrush
  • A piece of Paper
  • Any heating appliance


Step 1: pour your drink into the glass. Then dip the paintbrush into the cola drink and start composing your message onto the paper with the help of that brush and wait for it to dry.

Step 2: pass on the paper to your friend, when they receive the paper instruct them to heat the paper using any heating appliance example toaster, straightener, iron, etc. as the paper starts to heat your message will start appearing.

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