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How To Make Homemade Spy Gadgets

How to make homemade spy gadgets

Although, there are many ways to make the best spy camera in your home at a cheap price. In this article, I am trying to explain different types of spy gadgets and all the easy ways of “How to Make Homemade Spy Gadgets”. We describe many methods with different ground reality for boys and girl’s electronic spy gadgets. And you should adopt any method with is best according to your surroundings. There are many question raise in mind, such as

Why do we need to make a homemade spy camera, although it easily available in the market?

Answer:  There are a thousand types of homemade spy Gadgets that are easily available in the market at the best price. Moreover, these spy cameras also available at different online market places. For example a spy watch, pen camera, and spy glasses, etc. But the drawbacks of these available gadgets is that they can easily come into notice of your target and detected by bug devices. Moreover, Kids also make some homemade spy gear easily for their fun.

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Essential Part of How to Make Homemade Spy Gadgets:

How to make homemade spy gadgets

Following are the main parts which will be used to make a spy camera:

  • Mini Camera
  • Cable
  • Battery

Above mentions all parts easily available in offline and online markets.

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Method to assemble of How to Make Homemade Spy Gadgets

First of all, select the place where you want to use this handmade spy camera. Firstly, fix the mini camera lens with glue to restrict its motion. Secondly, attach the one side of the cable with a plug of the camera. Thirdly, plugin the other side of the cable with an electric source or battery.

Finally, close ties all components with the help of the strap. Additionally, if you want to fix spy gadgets in soffit then you must have a complete guide of how to run security camera wires through soffit.

Tip: To minimize the chance of caught of spy camera by your target, use minimum length of cable. If length of cable between mini camera and battery is small then it will be more difficult to find out or scan the network of hidden camera.

Where can I use this spy camera?  

This handmade camera easily used in the following places.

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

1. Indoor Homemade Spy Gadgets Use:

places in room to hide hidden camera

Sometime your target may be present in the room. You have to fix the handmade hidden camera inside the house with an excellent way to record all activities. In a room, you can fix it in the following places:

1.1  File Folder Homemade Spy camera:  

spy camera in file folder

This is the best place to attach your hand made spy camera. No one can easily detect it. If the operational room has book shield which has many books and file folder then select one folder and fix spy camera in it.

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Firstly, select a thin file folder. Secondly, make a fine hole in it and finally attach the camera in this file folder. Finally, place the file in its previous place.

1.2 Photo Frame with Electronic Spy Gadgets:

spy camera in potted plant

If your target room place has a potted plant then It is the best place to attach a hidden camera. Nobody can find this type of hidden spy gadgets.

1.4 Camera in Sofa/Table:

Each and every room has a minimum of one set of sofa and table at least. Spy agents can fix hidden spy devices at the bottom of the table and sofa to record all activities in this room.

2. Outdoor usage of Homemade spy Gadgets:

agents of secret agency

Sometimes your target is in moving position, moreover, he changes his state from static to moving position. In this scenario, indoor spy gadgets cannot use to handle these circumstances. So you have to make an outdoor spy camera which may be fixed at your coat’s pocket or in your hat. 

And you can easily make audio and video of your moving target. Although, above mention spy devices available online but all-wise agents are aware of it. So, you have to make electronic spy gadgets to avoid yourself from other agent’s eyes.

2.1  Hat with spy camera:

spy camera in hat

To make this type of spy hat, you have to buy a simple hat from the local market. Moreover, make a hole in the front side and fix your handmade spy camera with a power source.

2.2 Coat with Hidden Camera:

hidden camera in coat

This method is also a fine way without coming into notice in other spying agents. Simply you have to attach a mini-camera at your coat and attach some button or decorated flower around the camera. In this type of spy camera, you have to use a large cable that connects a mini camera with a battery. Battery should be in a large pocket of the coat.


It can be easily concluded that someone can make spy gadgets at your home if you have a mini camera, cable, and good battery instead to buy it from the market. Although, all types of electronic spy gadgets in the market demand a huge amount of money. And maximum top-secret spy agencies and their agents in the whole world are well familiar with its shape. So, I recommend to buy raw material of spy gadgets from the market and try to make your own gadgets according to your environment.