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How to Make Spy Gadgets Out of Household Items

Children have fun using their creativeness and with movies like “Spy Kids” and cartoons such as “Totally Spies!” Kids also want to learn “How to Make Spy Gadgets out of Household items”.

How to make spy gadgets out of household items

DIY spy gadgets can be used for entertainment or as an innovative outlet. Using equipment and materials available at your house, and dad and mom assisting their kids, can create some amazing homemade spy equipment. You can create a safe out of an unused book to disguise their toys, a periscope for your munchkins to look round the room corners and invisible ink to decode secret messages.

Have you thought about how to make a homemade spy kit? Spies do not need highly-priced devices to do their business; real undercover agent youngsters create their spy gear for free, by using their imagination they can make DIY spy gadgets with household items. Are you too into it? James Bond has “Q” to give him all types of highly-priced gadgets, but I’ve no doubt that MI6 has a much higher price range than you!

But the fact is that for you to be a kids spy, you do not need a lot of cash for remarkable secret agent equipment. Be creative, and make your own! Most of the devices presented on these pages price little or nothing to make, however are as much exciting to use as luxurious kid spy stuff you can buy.

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Roll up your sleeves, and make your cheap spy gear for kids… what are you waiting for? ENJOY!!!

1. The spy camera in Hat:

Spy Camera Baseball Cap

Do you want to have a spy gadget that will be with you all the time without anyone noticing it? Or what about having a spy camera on your head that none can ever imagine about. Well we are here at your service to guide you about real spy stuff for kids and record your evidences by yourself.

All you need:

  • A micro digital camera (the tiniest possible size, that cannot be seen easily)
  • A cap
  • A tape

Things to remember:

The types of micro digital cameras vary in sizes and designs; you need to look for the one that is the most portable and smaller in size and these cameras are usually available at very cheap prices. Do not forget to buy the camera that is clear when filmed in low light if you want to capture your footage at night.


Step 1: Grab a cap and make a hole on the front side of that cap. (Do not forget to keep the size of the hole exactly similar to the size of the camera. The hole should neither be very tiny that the camera is unable to fit-in it and nor too big that the camera falls or the hole is very visible, keep it precise so that the camera perfectly fits; you need to work smartly.)

Step 2: When the camera fits nicely, place the battery and the wiring of the camera with the help of the tape to your cap. So if incase you need to remove your cap, you’ll be safe.

With that being done you are ready to capture your footage and gather all the information that you wanted!!

2. The disappearing ink:

Invisible Ink and Oxidation

At times, the best detective gear for kids are the simplest ones, so here we guide you to make your very own invisible ink through which you can keep your confidential notes protected, can communicate with the other partner in the form of written letters or even make your personal secret notes that no one can ever read, except you.

All you need:

  • lemon juice
  • paper
  • ink pen
  • Some heat source

Things to remember:

Try to use a colored paper instead of the typical white one, as the stains of the lemon juice can be prominent and your letter can be visible.


Step 1: First and foremost, in place of a normal ink, fill the lemon juice in your ink pen.

Step 2: start writing your secret letter or make personal notes. After completing your writing with the lemon juice, wait for it to dry completely.

Step 3: Your letter with the invisible ink is ready, when your partner wants to read the message, all he needs to do is simply heat the paper. (Keep in mind that the paper has to be gently heated because more heat can result in burning the paper. As the lemon juice heats up, it starts turning brown and words starts to show up.)

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3. The book safe:

How to Send Secret Messages

Another kid spy gadgets homemade is the book safe. This is the simplest yet the most helpful and handy safe for your house. This is a build it yourself kits for kids that will help you hide your important and secret things in a place no one can think about. The best answer to the most asked question that how to make spy gear with household items is this easy to build book safe.

All you need:

  • an old book that you no more like to read
  • a cutter / blade

Things to remember:

  • It is very important to have the supervision of an adult as the use of the cutter or a blade can be very dangerous if not worked with complete focus.
  • Try looking for one that is thick and broad as it will allow you to keep more things in it.

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Step 1: Grab your book, open the book into half and cut out pages from it in a way that you leave the pages from the starting of the book and the end as it is, because if incase that book gets into someone’s hand, you do not need to worry much.

Step 2: As soon as you cut those pages out, you have your very own handy safe ready within 5 minutes. You can keep your jewellary to hide from your sister or even steal the cookies from the jar into this safe before they end.

4. The mirror view glasses:

how to make a homemade spy kit

One of the major components of the real spy kits for kids are these amazingly helpful mirror view glasses. These are not just used by spy kids at home of by some professional spy but are also used by the solders at the borders to be able to look at their back. These amazing glasses allow you to keep an eye at the movements happening at your back.

All you need:

  • plastic mirror sheet
  • pair of sunglasses
  • Glue gun
  • pair of scissors


Step 1: Start by cutting two pieces of the plastic mirror sheets according to the size of the glass of your sunglasses.

Step 2: Next, stick these sheets neatly leaving no stains on your sunglasses. Make sure to place them at the very ends of the sunglasses leaving the centre of the glasses as it is, to be able to look in front properly and clearly.

Here you are ready with your very own mirror view glasses and you have the gadget that the best professional spies and the fighters on the borders wear for their protection. These super stealthy mirror sunglasses will allow you to be able to see what is happening behind you without turning around and looking back. Smart right!! And the bonus – you can whip these up within a few minutes!

5. The secret agent costume:

spy gear for kids at target

Does your little one want to dress up like a spy this Halloween? The essential things for a spy costume can be easily found in just about anyone’s wardrobe, which is surely a good news if your kid wants to be a spy this Halloween. These exciting outfits can be customized in hundreds of different ways so just let your imagination run free and your kids have fun!

All you need:

  • dress or a suit
  • pair of sunglasses
  • trench coat
  • spy ID
  • Hat


Step 1: your kids can wear all these pieces of the wardrobe to be one of the spies they always wanted to be. Your kids can have lots of fun putting together this secret agent costume and also in making of those fun gadgets to go along with it.

Step 2: time for the final touches, mentioned below are a few more accessories you might wish to suggest for your kid spy: 

  • Spy earpiece 
  • Makeup or false mustache
  • Binoculars 
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Also you can take along the gadgets mentioned above

In the world of spy there is no crime too complex to unfold with these spy gadgets DIY in your hand! This is very important to mention that these gadgets are really fun to use, but in the same time it is necessary to keep in mind that the use of these gadgets in a lawful manner and just for the purpose of entertainment is necessary. In the case of using these equipments for any wrong purpose can get you in great trouble.

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