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How to Make Spy Gadgets Out of Paper

How to Make Spy Gadgets Out of Paper?

Buying spy gadgets can be expensive and it is also difficult to take care of them. So why not make DIY gadgets that will be easy to use and fun to make at home.

Making gadgets at home is quite economical. You can use the things available at home. Moreover, you can involve kids with you. This will not only help you but will also help them to fight their boredom.

You can use different materials to make spy gadgets, like plastic and metal. In this article, we are giving you steps and tips to make different spy gadgets at home by using paper.

Paper is easily available at every home. It is environment friendly and you do not have to worry about its disposal. Additionally, it will not cost much to you. So if it is wasted, you won’t regret it. And you can go to make another one.

How to make spy gear out of paper at home?

Making DIY spy gadgets out of paper at home does not require any special techniques or a significant degree. You can take help from different online sources or can use your own creativity. We have tried to gather some really simple and easy DIY spy gadgets for you and your kids.

Every spy whether professional or kid spy needs his own kit. You can make a spy kit at home easily. We will give you simple ideas to help you out.

Top 8 DIY spy gadgets out of paper at Home?

So, let us move on to “how to make spy gadgets at home with paper”.


how to make spy gear out of paper

With these DIY binoculars, kids can feel like a spy and can play around looking for kids.

Things you need:

  • Two empty brown tubes of toilet paper
  • Black paint
  • Some brushes
  • Old newspapers
  • Rectangular block
  • Easy to use Glue
  • Clear tape


Step 1: Take two empty brown tubes of toilet paper.

Step 2: Paint them with black color. You can involve kids in painting.

Do not forget to use some old newspapers. This will save your floor from getting messy.

Step 3: After painting, let the tubes dry.

Step 4: When the painted tubes are completely dry, use the glue to attach them to one side of the rectangular block.

You can adjust the tubes according to the width of your eyes. 

If the rolls are wide, you can stick them together with clear tape or use the glue to fix them.


how to make spy gadgets with paper

This is another amazing addition to the spy kit you can make for yourself or your kids.

Things you need:

  • Scissors
  • Two rectangular pieces of paper with same size (colors can be different)
  • Toilet paper brown tube
  • Clear tape


Step 1: Cut two rectangular pieces of paper with scissors. The pieces should be the same size but different in colors.

Step 2: Place them side by side

Step 3: Write the alphabet on the right-hand side of left side paper. Write the alphabet on the edge of the paper in downward direction.

Step 4: Now write the alphabet on the left-hand side of the right side paper. Be sure that the alphabets are lined up with each other.

Step 5: Wrap these both sheets around the empty brown tube of toilet paper.

Step 5: Now, fix both ends with a clear tape.

Make sure that the alphabets on the sheets are side by side. Mix the order, so that the same letters are no longer next to one another. 

Write the new matching words on a separate sheet of paper.

You can send the secret message to your friend or ask the kids to solve the secret message. They can also make this DIY secret message and have fun.


how to make spy things out of paper

This easy finger print set will be a good addition to your spy kit. Kids will also have fun and learn the difference between different fingerprints.

Things you need:

  • Black paper cut into small squares
  • Scissors
  • Old or used make-up brush
  • Baby powder or flour
  • One small container
  • Clear tape
  • One magnifying glass
  • Small box to store things


Step 1: Cut the black paper with scissors into small pieces with square shape.

These small square pieces will be used to stick the prints.

Step 2: Add the flour or baby powder in the container. This will be used as fingerprint powder. Old face compacts also work well as fingerprint powder.

Step 3: Add the black paper pieces, magnifying glass, brush and small powder container in the small box.


diy spy gadgets out of paper

You can make a spy kit using a box. You can add more things according to your creativity and need. But we are giving you a list of some common and easily approachable things to add in your spy kit.

Things you need:

  • Notebook or sticky notes
  • Pencil or pen
  • Fingerprint set
  • ID card
  • Invisible ink pen
  • Spy sunglasses
  • Moustache
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight
  • Empty box
  • Stickers or extra wallpaper (optional)


Step 1: Decorate the empty box using some stickers or extra wallpaper to make it look appealing.

Step 2: Add all the items in the box. 

You can make a finger print set as described before.

Step 3: Label the box with a title that will conceal the actual identity of the box. Give a title that is misleading like ear-rings box, socks box.


how to make spy gadgets at home with paper

With this easy to make and time saving keyhole, you can tell if anyone is in the room or not without opening the door. 

Things you need:

  • Thick black paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear Marble
  • Clear tape
  • Pen or toothpick


Step 1: Cut the thick black paper with scissors according to the size. The size should be about 8x long as the diameter of the marble and 5x as wide.

Step 2: Place the marble in the middle of the paper and wrap it tightly around the marble. It will form a tube.

Step 3: Use the tape to secure the tube.

Step 4: At one edge of the tube, gently nudge the marble with the help of pen or tooth pick, so that half of the marble is inside the tube and half outside.

Your keyhole spy gadget is ready to use.

Now it is time to use it.

Place the marble end of the tube into the keyhole and look from the other end of the tube. It will give you the view of the inner side of the room.


how to make spy stuff out of paper

This secret spy gadget will help you read a secret message that is not visible to anyone.

Things you need:

  • Paper tape
  • Black paper
  • Highlighter
  • Smart phone
  • Water


Step 1: Place the two small pieces of paper tape one on another on the smart phone back camera. And color it with a dark marker.

Step 2: Dip the highlighter’s tip in water for a few seconds.

Step 3: Write the secret message on the black paper with the help of a highlighter. The diluted ink will make the letters invisible on the paper.

Step 4: Switch the smart phone’s flashlight on and light it on the black paper. The hidden message will be visible on the paper.


how do you make spy gadgets out of paper

These easy DIY shoe covers will remove your shoe prints. You can walk in and out easily and no one will be able to have a trace of you.

How to make cardboard spy gear, things you need:

  • 2 pieces of Felt paper
  • Elastic
  • Glue
  • Cardboard


Step 1: Trace the sole of your shoe on the piece of cardboard with the help of a marker.

Step 2: Cut the cardboard according to the markings.

Step 3: Attach the elastics with the cardboard with the help of hot glue.

Step 4: Place the cardboard on the felt paper and attach them.

Step 5: Attach the gadget with your shoe and walk without worry. Repeat the steps for the other shoe as well.


how to make cardboard spy gear

This hand scanner will reduce the stress of your spy business. 

Things you need:

  • Silver paper
  • Cardboard 
  • Plastic bag
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Sparkles of different colors
  • Hot glue
  • Black paint


Step 1: Cut the cardboard of the desired size according to the plastic bag and silver paper.

Step 2: Fill the plastic bag with dishwashing liquid and add some sparkles in it.

Step 3: Seal the bag with hot glue.

Step 4: Place the cardboard pieces on the bag, making a frame.

Step 5: Attach the board sides on the silver sheet. Paint the board with black color.

Now, your hand scanner is ready. Place it on the scanner and the impressions will be read by the scanner. 


You can make your spy kit box easily by making these DIY gadgets that we have explained to you. You can add a spy costume to your kit and you will be amazed to see the creativity that you have done.


In this article, you learned “how to make spy stuff out of paper”. Making DIY spy gadgets out of paper is a good way to save money and use it as a hobby. You can keep your kids busy by making them participate in making these DIY.

This will induce creativity in them and they may add some extra gadgets to your spy kit. We have given you people some simple yet amazing tricks to make DIY gadgets. We hope that you will make them and have fun with your friends and family.