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How to Run Security Camera Wires Through Soffit – All Steps with Pictures

Bought a wired security camera and now wondering if you can install it all by yourself or not?
Well, the answer is yes, even if you are not a tech-savvy, you can install a security camera on the soffit if you have the basic tools.

Wired security cameras need a lot more work for installation than wireless security cameras. wired security camera systems can be installed in a variety of locations.

how to run security camera wires through soffit

But installing it on the soffit is the best location for surveillance cameras because this way, the wires of the security camera are protected from both weather and intruders. You can also run the wires above the walls but the final look will be very messy and easy for home burglars to cut it down.

Before starting, you need to have good knowledge about how to run wires of security cameras on the soffit.

But don’t worry!

In this article, you will get to know step by step guide on how to install a security camera on a soffit. Wired security cameras come with different types of wires but this guide applies to pretty much all of them.

Understanding the setup of wired cameras:

Understanding the setup of wired cameras

Usually wired cameras come with a DVR/NVR which manages the whole system and stores all the footage.

The dvr/nvr box is directly connected to the security cameras using a BNC cable or ethernet cable.

It simply means that if you install your security camera in front of your front door or in the garage and your dvr system is inside your home then you need a whole path to pass through those wires which connect the dvr and the cameras to each other.

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When the dvr and cameras are connected, then you have to plug in the dvr and connect an external monitor to see the live stream of your security camera.

NOW you must have understood the basic idea of how a wired security camera is set up. Let’s dive into the practical work now

Steps Before Installation:

  • Before starting to mount the camera, you need to read the camera manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly
  • For the best results, make sure all the connections to see your camera is working

Location of placing the security camera:

When it comes to installation, the most important step in installing a security camera is location . Trust me on this when I say location is important. If you mount your security camera way too high you will end seeing heads only. You can’t just pick a spot randomly instead you have to consider a place where the installation process is easy to work out on.

Prepare for camera installation:


Make sure that the first thing you do is find a suitable place for your NVR/DVR because placing it in the wrong place can result in messy camera wires.


Turn off the power completely to avoid any damage to the devices.

How to run security camera wires through soffit:


Go the location of soffit where exactly you want to install the security camera


Pop up the soffit from facia with a vinyl sliding tool and you will be exposed to your attic space.use a metal hanger to check the inside of the wall for any unseen barrier.

pop up the soffit from facial for security camera


Drill a hole in the position that can secure the security camera tightly on the can also use a drill template if you have never used a drill before.


The hole that you drilled should be wide enough for the smooth run of multiple wires through it .label each wire so you can recognize later each cable for their respective security cameras easily.

Make hole in soffit for security camera

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How do you run a security camera wire?

Tools & Materials

A drill ( for mounting the security camera to soffit)
Fishing rod
Electrical tape

  1. STEP:

    Protect the wires with a waterproof cable camera wires with a waterproof cable cover

  2. STEP:

    Attach a fishing rod to the ethernet wires of the security camera and fish it to the place where you planned to place your rod to the ethernet wires of the security camera

  3. STEP:

    Fish the wires all the way to the place where your nvr/dvr is for security cameras

  4. STEP:

    Drill a hole in the ceiling to pull the security cameras wires down through it where they will be connected to the dvr/nvr box.make hole in ceiling for security camera

Installation of the camera:

Now you are done with the technical part. Installing security cameras is a matter of a few minutes now.


Connect the end of the cable to the camera itself. Tape the connection point with an electrical 9m tape to secure it further. Extra protection is always good.

Connect the end of the cable to the security camera


Screw the camera to the mounting box by using a power drill. after the camera is mounted, you can make adjustments to the camera if needed. Once everything connected and plugged on, you can do more adjustments to the camera after seeing a live camera result.

Connect both the cameras and NVR:


Connect all the cables to the dvr/nvr in their respective ports.keep in mind that each cable has two wires, one is for power supply while the other is for the video recorder.

Connect external monitor to the dvr nvr


Connect an external monitor to the dvr/nvr so you can see the live camera stream or the images captured by your camera directly on your monitor. Some security camera systems have a mobile app that helps you keep an eye on your property while you are away.


Plug the power into the power supply directly.
Once your camera system starts running, take a look at the footages and live stream and see if further adjustment is needed or not.

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Final word about “How to Run Security Camera Wires Through Soffit

Setting up a wired security camera system is not an easy job but it can be a fun and adventurous job to do. Professionals can charge you more than $3000 for the installation of a security camera on soffit but the cost will be zero if you do it yourself.

If you are keen to learn then its no rocket science. If you are planning on buying a home security system then go through this guide that will help you decide which security system is best for your property.