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How to Scan a Network for Hidden Cameras

There are many places where spy hidden cameras may be used to hit your privacy. These places included hotels, Airbnb rented rooms, girls’ hostels, and private rooms. Sometimes, toys of your kids also embedded by spy gears.

So, remain to be careful about the booking of a private room to visit different tourist places, especially when you are with your spouse and kids. This article is written for you to learn about “How to Scan a Network for Hidden Cameras” to secure your respect and reputation which may be invaded by blackmailers and spying agencies. I will describe many methods to scan a network for hidden cameras.

how to scan a network for hidden cameras

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Who can bug a spy device in the room?

Each and every person easily install any type of bug device in the room. Although, in maximum cases, the owner of the room personally involves the installation of a spy hidden camera to record the covert video of the guest.

Are there hidden cameras in Airbnb?

You know Airbnb is providing the room rent service at the best price with an easy online method. Many tourists use Airbnb service to avoid bargaining with the owner of the hotel. But many customers of Airbnb reports that they are under surveillance by their host. And the host uses the different types of hidden cameras in the room to record audio and video of customers.

After reporting large cases, Airbnb re-written its policy and clearly forbidden all types of spy devices in the hosted room. And guest should have the knowledge of How to Detect Hidden Camera in Smoke Detector.

How to Scan a Network for Hidden Cameras?

There are many ways to find hidden cameras in the room, but it’s not 100% sure that you can counter all types of devices. You can adopt the same method to find a GPS tracker in a car.

Following are some method by which you can minimize risk:

1. Observe the complete room carefully:

search the network for hidden cameras

When you enter the first time in the room of a rented hotel or some stranger room. Firstly observe the complete room, from one corner to the other corner. Especially see all objects such as electric products and decoration pieces on table or wall.

2. Try to listen the voice of bug device:

Listen the voice of the network for hidden cameras

After complete deep observation of the room, try to keep silent and listen any voice create from any device. Each electronic device must produce some voice. This voice may be produced by the fridge, fans, iron, and UPS. You should switch off all voice raise devices. Then go corner of the room and below the bed and table. If you feel any kind of voice then you should try to find out it because it may be a spy device.

3. Off all lights of the room:

Spy camera in room

After seeing and hearing, the next step is that completely switch off all the light of the room. If some sunlight entering in the room from the window then cover the window by a curtain. Then observe any light emitted from any device. Because it is the maximum chance to show off light from a spy bugging device.

4. Turn on flashlight of mobile or torch:

find spy nanny camera

Although all types of hidden cameras have a concave lens, when you switch light of the room and turn on light of mobile then if any device embedded with the hidden camera then this device compulsory reflects the light. This method is very useful to find out a spy camera.

5. Plug out internet Wi-Fi router:

search the network for hidden cameras

Technology change day by day, maximum spy devices are connected to the internet for live streaming. These types of device which are connected with the internet, record the instant video of the target and instantly send the recorded data to other device or storage device.

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When you enter the room, turn on the Wi-Fi of your mobile. If your room has a router or any other internet, it will appear on your mobile. If your mobile shows many internet connections then it will be an alarming situation for you because you may be under surveillance. 

6. Cover the suspicious device with a towel:

If you find any suspicious device, in which you have doubts about spy cameras. First of all plug out its power supply then cover it by a towel or any other thin clothes.


To minimize the effect of hidden spy camera in your room, you should must do following:

  • Try to remain to switch off all lights
  • Re-arrange the setting of the room
  • Use full clothes while sleeping
  • Avoid any physical relation with their spouse
  • Avoid taking a bath

7. Call to your Friend:

According to physics role, when electricity passes in any device, it creates the electromagnet field around the cables. To detect the waves of the electromagnet field, you should dial a call to your friend or any other phone of having in a different room. If any operating bug device found in this room, you can listen to some distortion or noise in the voice product from the speaker of your mobile phone.

Use Anti-spy device to detect hidden camera:

There are many devices used to detect hidden spy devices. It’s may not be 100% accurate to detect hidden bug devices. Now I will tell about some bug detective devices. These detective devices are available in the market easily in the price range of $10 to $300.

1. Anti-spy detector – Radio Frequency RF Detector

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Each bugging device produces electromagnetic rays in their surroundings. So this anti-spy detector has the sensor to detect these electromagnetic rays and easily scan a network for hidden cameras. If you frequently move from one place to another places with your family then I highly recommended this detector to minimize the chance of spying on your privacy.      

2. SPY FINDER PRO Hidden Spy Camera Detector – Portable

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Spy finder pro is the best device to find scan a network for hidden cameras from each type of object. This is a pocket-size device with LED lights. When you go for the first time in a strange room, it may hotel room, washroom of airports, Airbnb rental room, office, gym, and dressing room. This spy camera finder device has many tiny LED bulbs around a hole. First, you switch on the device. Secondly, put your one eyes in the hole. Finally, start searching the hidden camera in all corners of the room.

If your room has a secret camera or any bugging device, then you can easily detect this device. Its LED light throws light all around the room, and its light reflected back from the bugging device. It is easy to use, so it is the best spy gadget for girls.

3. Use the Android/IOS app for mobile to detect spy camera:

I recommend to all readers to buy at least one good quality spy camera detector device to protect yourself from surveillance activities. If you cannot afford a spy cam detector then you should use your mobile phone as an anti-spy detector device. If you are an Android user, go to play store and write “Spy Camera Detector”, you install one app and use it to find a camera in your room. Same process for iPhone users.   


It can be easily concluded that if you are concern about the privacy of your – Moms, Daughters, Dads, Sons, Coworkers, Husbands, Wives, Girlfriends, Boyfriends……. any Loved One in rented a hotel, Airbnb or Apartment. There are so many stories in the news today sighting just these types of privacy intrusions in dressing rooms, bedrooms, and public toilets, etc. You should try all upper describe precaution measures to hide from spy gadgets. If you can afford a spy debug device then you must spend some amount to secure your privacy and PEACE OF MIND…