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How to tell if your car is bugged

How to Tell if Your Car is Bugged? 4-Easy-Steps [2022]

No one should compromise their privacy. Almost thousands of the ways or devices which are available easily and can be easily used for the surveillance of your daily activities include hidden cameras, GPS bugs, and secret voice recorders.

All these spy devices and hidden surveillance camera 360 degree can be easily used in your personal car and other vehicles. Moreover, If you are interested to get the answer to “How to tell if your car is bugged” then this article will be very help full.

Can Police bug your car?

Yes, police and law enforcement agencies install or bug spy hidden gadgets in your car to track your all movements. All government departments such as the FBI and American secret agency CIA have access to databases of telecommunication companies and all internet servers of Google, Facebook, and tweeter, etc.

Following are the technical surveillance countermeasures that police or other security provider use to conduct spying activities of their targets.

  • Spy camera
  • GPS tracker
  • Listen to your live calls
  • Live location from Google map
  • Access to Facebook messenger
  • Whatapp messaging
  • Call data record (CDR)
  • eavesdropping devices

All law enforcement agencies are legally authorized by law to access the secret information of criminals. But not allowed to interfere in the privacy of any gentlemen.

How to Tell if Your Car is Bugged?

If you have any doubt that your car is chased or followed by someone then you should compulsorily follow the below mentions 4 steps to find out bugged device.

Step 1: Scan the bottom of the car:

The bottom of the car is the best place to attach GPS tracking devices. First of all, briefly scan the whole car from the front side to back, and try to find out any clue of spy device such as the sign of hands-on glasses of the car.

If you feel that some area near your car is clean then you should also check the same side of the car. The best way to search is that take the torchlight or mobile phone light, laid down on the floor, through light on the bottom of the car, and touch by hand at all surfaces of a car.

scan gps tracker inside car

Step 2: Search the front of the car:

Although, there are many GPS trackers that consume power from the battery of the car. The best place of the GPS trackers is the roundabout battery of the car. The main reason to choose this place is that your opponent can easily be installed and no one easily finds it. 

search-gps-tracker in front side of car

Step 3: Interior scan your car for a tracking device:

After checking the outer and front sides of the car, the next step is to scan the inner portion of the car. At this step, firstly unplug all the sockets especially the cigarette plug and after it, get the birds-eye view of all sections of the car. Check all corners, ceiling tiles, and rubber around the door because any wire of spy gadgets maybe hide behind it. It is a good idea if you use some technical GPS bug detectors. 

interior gps inspection of car

Step 4: Scan the surrounding of the car:

Sometimes, spying agents waste the packing of Spy Gadgets near the trash of parking. If you have a firm belief, some try to track your location then you should search the waste material around the parking of home or office.

Scan the surrounding of car


These are the some tips which help to save your car from bugging.

• Park your car in the range of CCTV cameras.
• Use touch sensor in car
• Don’t share your car with strangers
• Always use bug sweep for peace of mind

Types of GPS trackers:

There are two types of GPS trackers for watching live locations for tracking a vehicle by government and private investigators.

1. Active or Real-time tracker:

This type of locator gets the live location of the car and at the same time. In addition, it transfers the information to some other device which may be mobile or computer. Real-time tracker is expensive and easily available at online markets. These devices contain a transmitter that transmits the location of the car toward the host. It’s easy to debug by bugging devices because its transit wave easily catches by detectors.

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2. Passive GPS trackers:

The passive type of GPS tracker does not have a transmitter and cannot transmit live locations of vehicles to their host device. This device contains the memory card which saves the data of the whole journey and the installer of this device can get the whole information after the removal of this device. However, these passive GPS trackers are inexpensive and also available in online and offline stores.

Who can bug the GPS tracker in your car?

Before the answer to this question, I would like to divide the GPS trackers into two categories.

1. Outside trackers:

These are the GPS tracker which is bug outside of your car such as at the bottom of the car, in front of the car, and in the back digger of vehicles. Moreover, These bugging trackers can be installed by the following persons:

  • Police
  • Secret agencies
  • Your competitors
  • Strangers
  • Your colleague
  • Car washer
  • Watchmen

2. Inside trackers:

This GPS tracker installs in the inside car such as in the dashboard. Similarly, inside the seats of the car and inside the place of the tap.

Following persons can easily bug inside tracker in a car:

  • Your spouse
  • Your Kids
  • Relative
  • Friends
  • Girls Friends
  • Car mechanic


In this article, you can conclude that it’s not hard to bug GPS tracking devices in any car. If you feel that you are being watched or tracked by someone then there are many ways to debug all types of bugging devices. The method which is adopted to find a GPS bug device in a car is the same to find a hidden camera in a room. The process of debugging the spy gadgets can be done manually or with the help of a debugging device. All types of technical debugging devices can be purchase from online or physical markets.