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kidsguard pro vs bark

KidsGuard Pro VS Bark: Which Is Beat Parentel Control App

There are many parental control apps in the market, and you may be confused on what to get. There are so many things that should be considered when choosing a monitoring app for your child. 

You need to consider how much you can afford for this, how good it can work for your phone or tablet, if it works on the OS that you have or prefer using, among other things. 

Well we have gone through all these things and have come up with two of the best parental control apps ever made: KidsGuard Pro vs Bark Parental Control App.

Comparison: Kidsguard Pro vs Bark

Features Bark Kidsguard Pro
Ikeylogger Offers offers
Compatabiloty Both iOS and androidBoth iOS and android
Maps More efficient Less efficient 
Call monitoring More efficient Less efficient 
Location tracker DoDo 

What Is Kidsguard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro is an Android monitoring app that allows parents to track their child’s phone usage. It works by installing a monitoring app on their child’s phone, which will then allow you to monitor their texts and call logs. You can also monitor the web history of your child, so you know what sites they’re visiting.

Features of Kidsgurd Pro?

  • KidsGuard Pro allows parents to monitor their kids’ phone usage and location. It can block apps, track texts, call logs and web history, as well as set time limits. 
  • The app also sends alerts if there are suspicious activities or when a child leaves a restricted area.
  • Of course, these features all come at different price points depending on how many licenses you want to buy.

How does kidsguard work? 

KidsGuard Pro is a parental monitoring app that lets you monitor your child’s phone usage, text messages and web history. You can also see the exact time and duration of calls made or received by your children. 

It has other features such as keystroke tracking to know what they are doing on their phones, location tracking and call logging which will show who called them or who they called using this app for parental control.

It’s really easy to use KidsGuard Pro – all you have to do is download it from iTunes or Google Play Store and install it on your child’s device before activating the service through an email address. 

You then get access to all the data collected by this app via an online dashboard where you’ll be able to set filters according to how much time they spend on their phone each day (which I recommend doing if they’re under 18).

How does Bark Work

What is Bark Monitoring App?

Bark Monitoring App is a parental monitoring app. It’s available in the Apple Store and on Google Play, so you can download it on your iPhone or Android device. There are also versions of the app that work with Windows devices, so if you use a PC or Mac at home, you can install Bark on those systems too!

Bark is completely free to use—no hidden costs here! If you have more than one child using the app (which would be great), then multiple profiles are available at no extra cost. 

That means that each child will be able to see what they need when they need it without having their parents handing over any cash first.

Features of Bark

  • The bark is free to use and works on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Bark is easy to use, with a simple install process and user interface that’s easy for anyone to get the hang of.
  • Bark has an excellent customer support team who can help you if you run into any problems with Bark’s features or usability.
  • The web dashboard that comes with Bark is convenient because it lets you keep tabs on your dog when she’s away from home without having to pull out your phone or computer every time she does something interesting (or not so interesting).
  • The modern app design makes it appealing even if you don’t really care about dogs but just want something that looks nice on your smartphone screen (like me).

How does Bark Work? 

Bark is a security app that lets you monitor your children’s phone activity. It monitors text messages, call logs and web history so that you can determine if they’re being bullied or in an abusive relationship. The app also alerts you to suspicious activity on your child’s phone, such as someone calling repeatedly or receiving strange texts or calls from unknown numbers.

Bark’s most useful feature is its ability to set up rules for when your kids get their phones back after using Bark at school or camp. For example, maybe you want them to have access only between 3 p.m.-6 p.m., or maybe there are certain websites (like Facebook) that aren’t allowed during school hours at all? You can set these rules up on the app itself!

Similarities: Kidsguard Pro vs Bark

Both KidsGuard Pro and Bark are compatible with major OSes and devices. When it comes to the compatibility of the apps, both of them support iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows 10. Both these apps can track text messages, call logs and web history as well. They can also alert you if your child uses their monitored device in an unusual way. They even help monitor the location of your kids so that they know where their kids are at all times.

Kidsguard Pro vs Bark

Kidsguard Pro vs Bark are both great parental control apps for iOS devices. They both can keep an eye on what your child is doing, send you notifications when they attempt to access certain apps or websites, and even block them from using their phone or device if you deem it necessary. The two differ in how they monitor: while Kidsguard Pro allows you to monitor internet usage, Bark focuses on restricting the time spent on social media and other messaging platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Both services offer similar features such as monitoring text messages, emails, location tracking (via GPS), call logs and calls made/received by children’s phones as well as blocking inappropriate websites like pornography sites or gambling sites etc..

Monitoring texts, call logs, and web history

  • Call & Text Monitoring: KidsGuard has a “call & text monitoring feature,” which allows you to see all your child’s incoming and outgoing calls. This includes the name, number and time of the call or text message, whether it was answered or not, and who initiated the conversation.
  • Web History: Bark also offers a web history feature that lets you monitor what websites your child visits online in real time (though unlike KidsGuard’s call/text monitoring option this can only be done one at a time). You can choose to receive an email alert whenever someone tries to visit any sites on the block list or even block specific URLs if they want – great for parents who want some control over what their kids are looking at during those precious hours away from school!


Keylogging is a form of surveillance that records the keys typed on the keyboard. It can be used to track what you type, including passwords and other sensitive information. Keylogging also allows hackers to see where you are at any given time by tracking your location through your IP address.

Social media and chat apps monitoring

Social media monitoring is something that both Bark and KidsGuard Pro offer. Both will alert you whenever there’s suspicious activity on your child’s accounts, and they’ll let you know if they’ve been accessing websites that are blocked by the app.

However, KidsGuard Pro has a unique feature where it can actually track your child’s location. If they go somewhere without telling you or leave the house without telling someone where they’re going, this can help keep them safe. 

On top of that, it also allows users to monitor what apps your children may be using on their mobile devices (e.g., Facebook Messenger or Snapchat).

Location tracking

Location tracking is one of the most important features you’re going to want to have in your child monitoring app. Both Bark and KidsGuard Pro offer this feature, and it can be used in a variety of ways. 

You can use it to track where your child is at all times, but more importantly, you can use location tracking to see if they are meeting up with other people or if they are somewhere they shouldn’t be (like going over their curfew).

Device control from the web

You can also control your kids’ devices from the web. You can see what they’re doing on their devices and remotely lock their device, which will force them to enter a four-digit code to unlock it again. 

You can also remotely wipe their device, which means that all user data stored on the phone will be deleted permanently if you do this.

With Bark, you can do all of these things too—but only with Android devices and not iOS ones (iOS is Apple’s operating system for iPhones). 

Kidsguard Pro works with both Android and iOS devices, so if you have an iPhone as well as an Android tablet in your house then this might be worth considering.

Alerts for suspicious behavior

You can set up more alerts for your kids. One is for if they’re using the app when they’re in the car, and another is if you want to be notified when it’s being used at night or on weekends. The Bark app also has a feature called “Bark in School,” which will alert parents if their kid uses the app while they’re supposed to be learning instead of playing with their phone.

KidsGuard Pro and Bark are both great parental monitoring apps.

KidsGuard Pro and Bark are both great parental monitoring apps. Both are free, and you can use them on multiple devices, including Android and iOS devices, Windows computers and Mac OS computers. They also offer web access to your account so you can monitor your kids’ activity from any computer with an internet connection.

However, there are some differences between the two apps that make them each better suited for particular situations. 

Which should you choose? 

The difference between KidsGuard Pro and Bark is simple: Barkhas more features and is a better choice for parents who want to monitor their child’s social media activity, while Bark is ideal for parents who want to keep tabs on where their kids are located.

Bark is also less expensive than Bark. With this app, you can get location tracking services that allow you to see where your child has been and when they were there. It also offers monitoring of phone calls, texts, websites visited (not just blocked), keylogger protection, and remote lock/wipe capability – all for free. 

Conclusion: Kidsguard Pro vs Bark

We hope this comparison has been helpful for you in choosing the right parental control app. Both KidsGuard Pro vs Bark have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it really depends on what kind of features you want.