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How to Making Your Own Metal Detector?

 A metal detector is a device used to detect the presence of metal objects. It is beneficial to find metals hidden underground. It mainly consists of a handheld design with a sensor coil at its bottom side. If metal found somewhere, a tone rings or a needle on the indicator moves.

making your own metal detector

As all you know that most metals are more expensive, therefore a homemade metal detector is easy to make. Here a question arises in everyone’s mind is how to make a metal detector out of household items.

 Here in this article, you learn different and unique methods to make your own metal detector step by step how radio signals work. How can we amplify those sound waves in a homemade metal detector? If the device swiftly perceives the objects, it will work better outside. When the metal detector senses metal, it produces a continuous clear sound. There are many ways to make a detector, but three modes of making a detector are practical and easy to design. If you want to build your metal detector, you will need an FM or AM radio, a calculator, a standard CD case, and some Velcro.

How to make a metal detector with a radio? 

To make a home built metal detector, you have to require all these things such as;

  •  A portable battery-powered radio with AM and FM band
  • A battery-operated calculator
  • Tape or any adhesive material to join them
  • Batteries for these devices
  • A broomstick or any rod
how to make metal detector

 You will have to determine which type of metal detector you need. Low-frequency metal detectors use and have located any metal or item under the earth’s surface. The device also comprises of batteries, speakers, microprocessors, and control handles. The beat stimulation detector is suitable for you if anyone wants to go beachcombing or in quest of gold seekers. Gradually it may become a part of a hobby for people of any age.

Step 1:

Build a metal detector with a radio and a calculator, you will have to tune on your AM from a station that anyone can listen comfortably. As all, you know that AM is the abbreviation of amplitude & modulation signal that combines to form a sound signal. Its purpose is to create music, but this an excellent source for a metal detector. So, let examine it play with the dials to check what happens and how it proceeds further. And turn on the volume as high as you can here quickly.


By using a calculator, hold a calculator position it at an angle up to the radio with no distance between them. Here you have to use adhesive tape to join both of these. The sensitivity of the metal detector is consists of its coil size, which apply in searching. Make sure to align parallel battery cubicles in both devices that should be back to back. Now turn on the calculator.

Step 3:

It can take two to three minutes to get a low tone. When you find an appropriate coil position, use a broomstick or a spade to test your device. If a calculator and radio arrange correctly, then you will hear a beep sound and adjust the position of the calculator until you listen to this beep.

Step 4:

If you find any sound or beep while moving the handle of metal detector, then you are succeeded in your execution of making a metal detector at home. It would be best if you had to test the metal detector on different metal household objects like coins, silver dishes, watches, and rings, etc.

How does a radio and calculator metal detector work?

While moving the particular stick of metal detector, in radio calculator metal detector, radio waves start bounces off of metal objects and enable the AM to pick up the waves and amplify them all when the sensor is close to any metal, a beep of hearing at that time.

How to make a metal detector with a smartphone?

How to make a metal detector with a smartphone

If you are not interested in a radio metal detector, you can get a metal detector quickly via smartphone. There are a lot of metal detector applications available in different app stores.  Metal detector app how does it work? Download or install any one of these into your smartphones to detect metal objects around you. A method to make a metal detector is through your phone is very easy to do. Whosoever uses iPhone or android can construct a sensor by using magnet etc.


After installation, start your metal detector application, to examine and move your smartphone over various metallic objects. Follow all these instructions or terms given through the app. If anyone steps are left behind, then you will not be able to get good results. If the apps are not providing such results as not detecting metal objects, you have to switch off. Now reinstall it again to get a good one metal detector. So make sure to fulfill all the requirements regarding smartphone application for metal detector.

Step 2:

While assessing the electromagnetic field in the location, your phone screen starts changing its colors like from green to red when metal is very close to the device. Such kind of program has a standard point that expresses the measurement after detecting any metal. Here the dimensions rise high, low, triggering, and change their colors. Therefore smartphone metal detector is not as tricky but very easy to find underground metals.


From the above-given content, it concludes that a metal detector is a great learning experience for all those who are taking interest, thoroughly read, and practice it. Making such an instrument is a form of practical education that everyone can learn and execute. It is affordable and can make with a scrape of your household objects. Hopefully, a homemade metal detector is more comfortable to construct and utilize than to purchase from the market. You can share these practical skills with your family members, friends, and your students as well. By saving hundreds of dollars, you get to benefit from this homemade metal detector.