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With the increased usage of smartphones, hacking apps have gained popularity as well. One of the popular types of hacking apps that users download is spy apps. But, how do you choose the right one to meet your requirements? Don’t worry; we’ve selected the best ones for you.

Master Spy Apk is a new application for Android devices which makes it easy for you to monitor different activities that other people do with the smart phone. If you want to know if your child uses his/her smart phone properly then this application can be used for that purpose. This application basically works on the same principal as “Nanny Cam” which monitors all the movements inside the room and sends everything in a video format to your email account.

What Is Master Spy Apk

Master Spy Apk is the best software for spying on others. If you have a doubt about your partner and you want to know what are they doing, then this app is for you. It is a must have application for every smartphone. This application will help you in finding out what exactly your partner is doing on their phone. You can see all the messages exchanged between them, you can track the location of their phone and many more things.

It has been seen that many people use this software to spy on their partners because they want to know whether their partners are cheating on them or not. If your partner is cheating on you then it will become very painful for you as it would make your relationship worse than before. But if there is no such thing then also it would be good for both of you as there would be no doubts in mind anymore.

When installing Master Spy Apk on the target device, you need to forward the data connection of the target device to your own computer or phone number (using a Virtual Private Network). This way you will be able to access all data sent from your target phone directly on your computer or smartphone application by logging in with your username and password.

It is important to note that if someone knows what software is installed on their phone they may uninstall it so it is recommended that you install it when they are not around (e.g., at night).

Basic Features Master Spy Apk

  1. Tracking calls

If you want to know who your child is calling and from where, then Master Spy is the best option for you. The call tracking feature allows you to see the phone numbers that your child is using and the duration of each call made by them. You can also view all their incoming and outgoing calls on a daily basis. This feature helps you to prevent your kid from getting into any kind of trouble in future.

  1. Tracking text messages

Text messages are among the most important forms of communication today. If you want to monitor your child’s text messages, then Master Spy will help you do so in an efficient manner. It allows you to view all received and sent texts from their device without having physical access to it at all times! All you have to do is install this app on their phone and then activate its text message tracking feature in order for it to start working instantly!

  1. Monitoring social media activities

Social media sites like Facebook are some of the most popular places on the internet today where people spend most of their time chatting with friends or even uploading pictures of themselves engaging in different activities online! This can be very dangerous for kids because they can easily get lured into sharing personal information.

  1. Remotely taking photos from a distance

Master Spy App lets you take photos remotely from anywhere in the world using this advanced feature of this app without being noticed by your target device user. You can also record videos secretly from any camera-equipped mobile device like iPhone or iPad by using this feature of Master Spy App for Android devices (and other smart devices).

  1. Record calls and conversations

You can use this app to record calls and conversations remotely as well as listen in on any conversation happening near your Android phone without being noticed by anyone around you! The best thing about this feature is that nobody will ever know that they are being recorded because there won’t be any indicator showing up on their screen while they are speaking with others over the phone or via messaging apps such as WhatsApp etc.

How to Download and Install Master Spy Apk

In order to download this app, you need to go through some simple steps:

Open your browser and search for ‘Master Spy APK’ or ‘Master Spy APK Download’. You will find several websites offering you this app for free download. But before downloading from any website, make sure that it offers original files without any viruses or malwares attached with them. 

Download Master Spy APK file from trusted website only. After downloading Master Spy APK file on your computer, connect your device using USB cable and transfer downloaded file into internal storage or SD card of your device (depending on where you want to install).

How Does Master Spy Apk Works? 

The app has a very simple user interface which makes it easy to use even for first time users. You can get started by downloading the app from here and installing it on your device. Once installed you can open it and enter your phone number where you want to keep an eye on. 

After entering the number tap on continue button and wait for few seconds until it connects with your target phone. Once connected you will see all the activities listed in chronological order so that you know exactly what is going on with your device at every moment.


While there is no way to recover information deleted from an Android device, what you can do is access the information without a PIN or password. That’s where Master Spy comes in. The app allows you to remotely recover files from your phone, and it also comes with a key logger to record any data being entered on the device.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, using this app is fun. It’s simple and easy to use, and you can impress family and friends with how sneaky you can be. The thought of being a secret agent or detective is always going to appeal to kids, so this should hold their interest longer than other apps that don’t seem quite as exciting. This app will help you to be able to report on things that matter.