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Mspy VS Qustodio: How They Really Compare In (2023)

“If you are like me and have a spouse, family or friends that keep telling you how to make better use of your phone, download mSpy. It’s a cell phone monitoring app that can be used in network environments as well as stand-alone phones. As an added bonus it also has a database of over 2 million locations around the world.”

GPS tracking is easily done on Android devices by default. Once you enable GPS on your device, all you need to do is tell the system which exact GPS coordinates you want to track. The device will then automatically update the location every time it’s moved. Here we are going to talk about mSpy vs Qustodio. 

Comparision Table: Mspy VS Qustodio

Features mSpy Qustodio
Imagemspy logoqustodio logo
Editor’s Choice
Extensive social media coverageProvides Provides 
GeofencingEfficient More efficient 
Keylogging and screenloggingProvides Provides 
Block websitesDo Do 
View photo and video filesYou can see You can see 
PriceVisit mSpyVisit Qustodio

Detail about mSpy 

mSpy is a parental control app that monitors your child’s phone and location. It allows you to access everything from the device itself, including text messages, emails and social media activity; as well as their location data (GPS coordinates).

It also has additional features such as:

  • Texting interception – Read any text messages sent or received by your child’s phone. This includes SMS logs of chats sent over WhatsApp Messenger or Telegram Messenger.
  • Call recording – Listen in on calls made on your child’s device while they are away from home by activating call interception mode which records all calls made through the phone itself without having to install any other software onto it (unlike some other spy apps).

Features of mSpy

mSpy is a parental control app. It allows you to view your child’s activity on their phone, and even disable certain features that could be dangerous for your kid. You can also set up alerts if he or she goes somewhere you don’t want them to go, such as school or a party.

mSpy offers various features such as:

  • Removing unwanted apps from your child’s device (including location tracking)
  • Monitoring calls made by kids in real time with audio recording capability
  • Logging all conversations between teenagers via voice recording

Detail about Qustodio 

If you want to know everything about Qustodio, the app is designed for parents. It lets you monitor your kids’ location and activities on their phone, as well as control what they see and do.

Qustodio works by connecting via Bluetooth with a parent’s smartphone or tablet when they’re within range. The app then sends push notifications when it detects that there’s been activity from the child device (such as movement). 

It also keeps an eye on locations—if your child goes out into unknown territory without telling you first, it will let you know where he or she has gone so that you can check in later (you can even set up geofencing zones so that these alerts only go off when someone enters one).

This decision is pretty simple for us: go with spy software and stay away from mobile security software. The former focuses on monitoring your kids, which is obviously not a good idea. And the latter while it’s meant to be a parent’s main tool to monitor their children, it can’t offer the same level of monitoring features as Qustodio. 

That being said, there are multiple alternatives to Qustodio that are both better and worse than the other. mSpy is one such app, which has many features, but at the end of the day, we still believe Qustodio is best.

Features of Qustodio 

Qustodio is a parental control app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It has a better security system than mSpy and more data tracking features than mSpy. Qustodio also has some additional parental control features that are not available in mSpy, such as:

  • Alerts – If you set up an alert for when your child goes offline from their device or leaves the designated area (like school), it will send an alert to your phone with information about where they were last known to be before being offline or leaving the designated area.
  • Location History – You can see what places your kids have visited over time by viewing their location history on the app’s map view. The locations displayed in this section include both public places like parks and restaurants as well as private homes that might have been visited by someone else who wasn’t supposed to know about them before now!

mSpy and Qustodio are two spy-based mobile apps that claim to be able to track your kids. mSpy is a parental control app, while Qustodio is a kid-tracking app. Both are free and available on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store (for Android).

Similarities mSpy vs Qustodio 

Both mSpy and Qustodio are spy-based mobile apps that claim to be able to track your kids. But what are the similarities between these two parental control apps?

Both apps use GPS location tracking, so you can see where your child is at all times. The difference between them lies in how they do this: mSpy does not require an internet connection, while Qustodio requires one (unless you want to pay extra). 

This means that if you want total privacy for yourself or your family members—and no one else will know about it—you’ll need both a smartphone with cellular data access and an internet connection at home or work.

Differences: mSpy vs Qustodio

Differences mSpy vs Qustodio

mSpy is a parental control app that allows you to track your child’s location and speed. It also lets you use GPS tracking, but only when your phone is within 100 meters of the device. Qustodio is an app that tracks kids by connecting them via Bluetooth and keeps tabs on where they go, who they’re with and how fast they’re traveling.

Qustodio looks like it might be more useful than mSpy because it uses Bluetooth instead of GPS—so if your kid has their phone off or in airplane mode (which many do), there will be no way for Qustodio to track them unless they have another device nearby (like their tablet).

mSpy uses GPS to track speeds and locations

mSpy uses GPS to track speeds and locations. It’s also a parental control app, which means it can be used to monitor your child’s activity on their phone or tablet.

mSpy is a spy app for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids’ smartphone usage and activities. If you’re worried about your kid being online at all hours of the day (or night), mSpy might be the tool for you!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here but think “spy” sounds familiar… well then yes: This app is exactly what its name implies! It collects data from a target device (your child’s), uploads this information into its own central server where it can be analyzed by anyone who has access to that information—including law enforcement agencies if necessary (and most likely).

Qustodio uses a Bluetooth system to constantly connect with your kid’s phone

You’ll be able to see where they are and what they’re doing while they’re away from the house, but it doesn’t give you any control over their device.

The app works best if you have a kid who likes to be entertained by apps or games on their phone as well as being able to check in on them regularly.

Qustodio has a better security system than mSpy

Qustodio has a better security system than mSpy, which allows for more data tracking without as many limitations on what you can and cannot do with that data.

Qustodio also allows for more data tracking than mSpy, but it has fewer limitations on what you can and cannot do with that information. The difference between the two companies’ customer service is also quite noticeable when compared side by side: Qustodio’s representatives are much more helpful and knowledgeable than those at mSpy; they’re able to resolve issues faster, too!

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What is the most important thing to know about Qustodio? 

The most important thing to know about Qustodio is how it works. Everything else, like how much it costs, the features and what you can do with all of these features, will be discussed in this post. Have you ever heard of a “baby monitor” in real life? 

Do you think that’s a good idea? Well, maybe we should ask parents for their opinion and/or get an actual baby monitor for our tests if possible. 

We could also look into paid app subscriptions but we’d still have to pay for a monthly subscription or yearly subscription respectively because we need access to the data so that it can be analyzed and compared against mSpy’s analysis – there are no free alternatives here. 


Whether you’ve been using Qustodio to monitor your kids’ smartphone activity or you’re already an mSpy fan, know that these are both powerful apps designed to help keep your children safe and secure. With each app having their own strengths, as well as some similarities between the two, we think both options make for great parental smartphone software.

By now, you’ve probably decided that spying on someone is a terrible idea. In this case, however, it’s a reasonable and necessary step if you’re concerned about your kid’s safety. Hopefully, by now you’ve also discovered mSpy Alternatives, which are so powerful they’ll be able to keep a trail of evidence stretching back to the moment you installed Qustodio on their phone.