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mspy vs webwatcher

Mspy VS WebWatcher: What’s The Difference In (2023)

Mspy vs Webwatcher, two of the most popular web surveillance and monitoring tools for finding out your employees’ online activities. Both of these services give you real-time access to your employees’ computer screens and also record all their keystrokes. With this level of security, you can feel confident that nothing will be missed during business hours!

Are you looking for a spy app for your iphone or Android? Do you have a special someone that has access to your phone and is using it however they want? Maybe you own a business which makes use of the same technology for employees to access confidential information. Or do you just want to know when and where your child/spouse is on their cell phone? Continue reading. 

Comparison: Mspy vs Webwatcher

Features WebwatcherMspy 
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KeyloggerSupport Support 
Social Media TrackingMore Efficient Efficient 
GeofencingYes Yes
Email MonitoringYes Yes 
Keyword AlertsYes Yes 
Wi-Fi MonitoringMore efficient Efficient 
Live DemoYes Yes 
24/7 SupportYes Yes 
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About mSpy 

Mspy is a spy app that allows you to monitor your kids, employees, and spouses remotely. This means that you can keep tabs on them from anywhere in the world. You will be able to see what they do on their phones and computers as well as where they go at any given time.

It has several features such as:

Location tracking 

This feature lets you know exactly where your loved ones are at all times even if they think they are being discreet about it! With this feature turned on, mSpy will send notifications when there’s movement detected around your target person’s location so that no one will ever have any doubt about who was doing what with whom when or where.

Call history recording 

If someone calls into an unknown number then there must be something wrong; however this could also mean that someone wants privacy but still wants access through an unknown number which makes things even more confusing than usual! 

That’s why we’ve included call records feature which allows users to record incoming calls without having any clue who made them until they check their own phone later down the line.”

About WebWatcher

WebWatcher is a web monitoring tool that allows you to control your children’s internet usage. It is a parental control tool that can be used to monitor your children’s internet usage and they will not even know that they are being watched.

WebWatcher can be installed on any device with an active internet connection, including mobile phones and tablets. The software works in the background without any user intervention or knowledge about it by parents or guardians, so there are no limits on how many devices you want to monitor at once!

mSpy Vs WebWatcher: Features Face To Face

MSpy is a web monitoring tool for PC and Android. It can be used to track your kids and employees, keep an eye on business activities, or to spy on any website you want.

WebWatcher is a free online application that allows you to monitor various websites from your computer or mobile device over the internet. This means that WebWatcher doesn’t require any software installation on your system and works with almost any browser (including Chrome). You can also use it with different browser extensions called add-ons; so if there are some features missing in MSpy then try them out!


WebWatcher is cheaper than mSpy. You can get a full year of WebWatcher for $39.95, but if you pay monthly or annually, it’s less expensive. Plus, there are no contracts involved with this software—you can cancel at any time without incurring any penalties or fees.

WebWatcher also has a free trial version that lets users test out the software before committing to buy it. And if you don’t like what WebWatcher offers during the trial period (or if something goes wrong), then just send back your license key so that they can give another user access to your account instead!

The only downside is that there aren’t many features available in their free version—only three: remote device monitoring/control; real-time activity tracker; and app control (notifications sent). But since those three functions are enough for most people who want monitoring capabilities on their devices without paying extra money every month…it’s still worth checking out!

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Monitoring & Tracking 

MSpy is a powerful monitoring tool that lets you keep an eye on your kids, employees and more. It’s easy to use, with no complicated setup required. You’ll get everything you need to know about their location, what they’re doing and who they’re with (if anyone).

MSpy offers many features for monitoring:

  • Location tracking – See where your loved one is at any given time.
  • Call logs – See who called them or vice versa in real-time by seeing all calls made from or received by either party on the smartphone’s call log list.
  • SMS logs – See text messages sent/received by either party on their cell phone bill.
  • Voice recordings – Listen in as conversations occur between users via voice activated recording feature

Management & Control

Mspy is a mobile spy app that allows you to monitor and control your computers remotely. It’s also the best choice for parents with teens, who need to keep tabs on their kids’ activities even when they’re out of the house.

How Much Does WebWatcher Cost Per Month?

Webwatcher is free, but you can pay for it if you want. It’s a paid service with a free trial and a free version.

Webwatcher offers three plans: Basic ($9 per month), Professional ($19 per month) and Business Edition ($29 per month). The cost of each plan depends on your needs, but all include 24/7 support from our team of experts who are available to answer questions about your account or help fix any problems that may arise while using WebWatcher’s features.

Can WebWatcher Be Detected

Can WebWatcher Be Detected?

WebWatcher is not detected by antivirus programs. This means that no matter what you do, your computer will never be flagged as suspicious and subjected to a full scan of its contents.

WebWatcher is not detected by spyware programs. Spyware is software that monitors your personal information and sends it back to the person who installed it—or worse, someone else entirely! The last thing you want is for anyone else to know what websites or social media accounts you like best (or even if you have one).

WebWatcher isn’t found on malware scanners either; malware refers specifically to malicious software designed specifically to damage or compromise your system in some way (such as infecting it with viruses).

How to start monitoring with mspy?

mSpy is the best software for monitoring cell phones and other devices. It can be installed on any device, including smartphones, tablets and more. You can use it to monitor your spouse or children’s phone activities as well as their text messages and calls. You can even install mSpy on your own devices so that you have access to all of the data stored there without having to worry about anyone else finding out what’s going on with them!

Is mSpy Worth the Money?

mSpy is a good spy software for monitoring your kids, spouse and employees. It is not as flexible as Webwatcher but it has more features than other similar products.

How to start monitoring with mspy

Comparing mSpy Vs WebWatcher

mSpy comes with a wide range of features that make it an excellent choice. The monitoring software is capable of tracking almost everything on your device, including location and messages. You can also install mSpy on multiple devices at once if you want to monitor another person’s activities on the go. The free version of the app allows you to track only one phone or tablet at a time while the premium version has unlimited devices supported by its subscription fee (which starts at $29 per month).

WebWatcher not only provides users with all these options but also lets them access their data remotely via an online dashboard without having any need for physical access points like Wi-Fi passwords or IP addresses needed when using other solutions such as mSpy or SpykePhone Spy App which require these two types of identification codes before accessing someone else’s information off their phone model so if this person changes their number then we lose access into our account!

Which should you choose: Mspy vs Webwatcher 

Mspy is a spy app for Android devices. It has an awesome feature called “silent recording” where the microphone will not be activated, so you can listen to everything without disturbing those around you. 

However, this feature also comes at a cost: it records everything on your phone even when there are no apps running in the background or if they’re closed (which means that if someone tries to watch porn through their phone’s browser while sitting next to them and he hears his wife telling him how much she loves him). 

Also, as far as I know this app doesn’t work with iPhones since Apple has strict guidelines against third-party apps that can access data on your device—and those guidelines don’t allow silent recordings either!

Webwatcher allows users who want full control over their internet usage but don’t want any additional apps installed on their phones (and who also have reasonable expectations about privacy). 


The two tools Mspy vs Webwatcher, discussed here are easy to use, and friendly toward the user. That makes them very desirable for those wishing to protect their privacy. It also shows that they both have their flaws, which need to be addressed by the user beforehand in order to avoid problems or risks in the first place.