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Tabcat Cat Tracker Review

Tabcat Cat Tracker Review [Buying Guide 2022]

Losing your beloved pet is one of the worst nightmares. Have a read to this Tabcat cat tracker review for your pet’s safety. Your pet is one of your family members and if they get lost, it is quite a difficult task to rescue them. Tabcat cat tracker is the best and essential gadget for you to be care-free about your pet.

We assure you that this review will guide you in every possible way to ensure that your cat is never going to lose again. 

Those who have ever experienced their pet lost, they know how horrible experience it is. Looking for your cat at every possible place, asking people for them is a very hectic way. To avoid all this, the easiest and worry-free method is to attach some device with your pet that will not only locate it but will also take you to your cat with its audio and visual signs.


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Tabcat Cat Tracker is a gadget one of its kind. The device is small in size and works amazingly as a cat tracking locator. Apart from training your cat about how to come back home, this gadget will help you locate them if they have gone for a walk, or lost or just sleep somewhere in the house. 


The gadget works far better than key ring finders. It uses RF-based technology that is more precise than GPS technology.

The package consists of two light weight tags and a card-sized handset. You only need to attach the 0.21 ounces tag to your pet’s collar. The handset is used to locate your cat, dog or kitten. The handset comes with a splash proof cover that protects it from any knock, bump or scratches.

Cats are very territorial, they usually do not like to go far away from their owner place but if the pet ever gets away from you, you need to activate the handset. It will sound a series of beeps. The handset shows different color-coded lights for different spots. Red light beep means that you are far away from your pet. As you get near to the tracker the colors will change from red to amber and then finally green. Green color indicates that you are now very close to your pet.

The handset is designed to track up to 4 tags. But it is recommended that you should assign one tracker at one time. Registering all the trackers at one time may cause interference in finding the actual tracker on the time.


Tabcat handset has a very sleek and slim design. It looks very much like a small smart phone without a screen. The handset comes with a scratch-proof cover. It has eight color-coded lights on it that indicates the distance between you and your pet: 2 red lights, 3 amber lights and 3green lights. The hand set has four functional buttons. 

The device is extremely light-weight so it can be carried by pet of any size. Its comfortable design makes it easy to use by the customers. 


In this section of Tabcat Cat tracker review, we will have a look on the different features of Tabcat tracker.

  1. Directional Technology:  With its RF- based technology, it is more precise than the GPS tracking system. You can easily follow the audio and visual signs to track your pet. The advanced technology can pinpoint them exactly within a range of 1inch.
  2. Handy design: the device is lightweight and is also protected by a splash proof case. The tracker weighs only 0.2 ounces that can be easily attached to any cat’s collar.
  3. Long-range coverage: Tabcat can locate your cat within the range of 400ft. You may need to walk around and once you start getting the signs, follow them and you will be with your cat in no time.
  4. Pet training: Apart from locating you can also use the Tabcat tracker to train your cat. With the help of the audio signs you can train them to follow the sound of the device. You can offer them a treat after they successfully follow the training instructions. This will surely reduce the risk of losing them.


This section of Tabcat cat tracker review will give the technical features offered by the device:

  1. Long-life battery: Tabcat tracker uses regular CR2032 lithium batteries that can be replaced when needed. Average battery life if 1 year depending upon the usage and brand used.
  2. Firm handset design: As mentioned earlier, the hand set is not only light weight but is also splash proof. With its cover, it can be used in its original form for long period of time. It is recommended to not use it carelessly. And keep it safe from children.
  3. Audio visual feature: Tabcat comes with a build-in speaker and 8 indicator lights. As you come near to your pet, the device produces sound and lights that will help you locate the pet.
  4. Water protection: The device is not said to be water-proof but its protection cover can make it water resistant.


Now after knowing the all the main points from the Tabcat cat tracker review, its pros and cons can be easily decided:


  • Directional technology
  • Compact design
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Amazing accuracy
  • Splash proof cover


  • Limited range
  • Low durability
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When looking for a pet tracker, you need to consider many things. We are providing a buying guide that will help you to decide which pet tracker is best for you. Here is a list of things that you should learn before investing your money.

1. Technology:

Before buying pet tracker you should look what kind of technology is used in the tracker. Whether the tracker is using a GPS technology or Radio Frequency technology. Radio Frequency technology works more precisely than the GPS technology. Tabcat cat tracker uses Radio Frequency technology.

2. Size:

Some GPS trackers are large in size and also are heavy. That are not suitable for many small-size pets. Therefore, small and light weight trackers are quite comfortable for pets of every size. Tabcat Cat tracker is a very light weight and small-sized tracker that can be easily carried by your beloved pet.

3. Technology:

Cost is also another important factor that needs to be considered. There are trackers in the market that charge subscription fees that you need to pay every month. Tabcat cat tracker is free of subscription charges.

4. Battery life:

Depending on the size and usage of the tracker, the battery consumption is decided. It may last for weeks and months. Trackers that have removable batteries are good as you can swap the batteries when needed. Tabcat cat tracker has the same kind of batteries that are changeable.

5. Distinct Features:

Different tracking devices have different tracking features. Some provide you with Geofence that tell you when your pet goes out of the destined parameter. But those trackers are way better which guide you about the location and tracking of the pet. Tabcat cat tracker is designed to guide you about the location and tracking of your pet with the help of audio and visual signs.


How does Tabcat tracker work?

Tabcat cat tracker uses radio frequency technology that works more precise than GPS tracking. It includes a handset and tag that attachés with your pet’s collar. Each handset is designed to track 4 cats.

Are cat trackers safe?

Car trackers are the easiest way to locate and keep your pet safe but this is just an irony that many people assume that these trackers may affect their furry friend.

Do pet microchips have GPS?

Pet microchips do not contain GPS technology. Instead of GPS technology, they use radio frequency identification technology that contains the information about the owner of the pet. It means that microchips cannot lead you to your pet but they can make your pet’s safe return possible.

Is Tabcat cat tracker good for my Pet?

Tabcat cat tracker is one of the best cat trackers available in market. It is really convenient to locate and train your cat or dog or any pet with the help of this tracker.


Finalizing this Tabcat tracker review, We highly recommend this tracker for every pet lover. Its accuracy, wide range and light weight are the features that not only make you care-free about your pet but also less bothering for your pet. Instead of looking for a microchip for your furry-friend, this tag is way more easy to use. I wish that your pet always stays with you and you never have to lose it.