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WhatsApp, a very famous and widely used application in today’s age and time. There are tons of things you can do using WhatsApp and a lot of them are unknown to many people. Whatsapp Spy is one of those best app that can be used effectively with any Android device.

Whatsapp Spy Apk is the ultimate application for all parents. This is perhaps the best tool for watching over your kid’s one. Whether you are a parent, who is concerned about how your children are using the WhatsApp or another parent to monitor their teen’s message usage over a smartphone, the app provides you the best solution.

Whatsapp Spy Apk is the world’s most popular messenger. This is why a number of people would want to spy Whatsapp. Is there a way? Of course, there is! Read on.

What is Whatsapp Spy Apk?

Spy Whatsapp is an application that allows you to monitor your children’s activity on WhatsApp. This can be used for monitoring purposes or for keeping an eye on the safety of your loved ones. The app has been developed by the same company that developed mSpy, which is one of the most popular spy apps available in the market. It has many features that make it a good choice for spying on your kids’ phone.

The application works by installing it on your child’s phone and then logging into your account from any other device in order to view all messages sent and received through the app. You can also use Whatsapp Spy Apk to view multimedia content such as photos and videos sent through this medium. This makes it a great choice for those who want to keep track of their kids’ activities without having to physically monitor them all day long.

  • Tracking messages from any WhatsApp account
  • Tracking call logs, contacts and media files
  • Sending fake messages from your phone number
  • Saving photos, videos and audio files from any target device
  • Spying on social media activities
  • Monitoring locations with GPS tracking feature

Basic Features Whatsapp Spy Apk

  1. Online tracking

This is one of the basic features of Whatsapp Spy Apk that allows you to track the location of your target device. It works perfectly by showing you the exact location of your target device on a map.

  1. Read messages

This feature enables you to read all the messages sent and received on your target device. It also shows you all the chat history, which includes old chats and deleted chats as well.

  1. Message interception

This feature allows you to intercept any message before it gets delivered to its destination. This means that no one will ever know that their messages were intercepted by someone else except them and their friends involved in the conversation with them at that particular moment in time when they sent or received those messages.

  1. Read call logs

It is possible for anyone who wants to read call logs from any phone using Whatsapp Spy Apk without having access to either SIM card or IMEI number of the phone they want to monitor using this application as long as they have access to its login credentials such as password or pin code set by owner when first installed on target phone after being downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on what kind of device is being monitored.

  1. Monitor WhatsApp Messages

This feature lets you monitor all the incoming and outgoing messages from target WhatsApp account. It also allows you to read all messages sent or received by target phone number by intercepting internet traffic between phone numbers.

  1. View Photos & Videos

This feature allows you to view all photos and videos sent or received in target WhatsApp account without having physical access to their phone or tablet. You can also take screenshots of photos or videos shared via chats in target device without any additional software installation required at target device side.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Spy Apk?

Step 1: Download Whatsapp spy Apk on your device.

Step 2: Go to settings and check unknown sources.

Step 3: Install the application and run it.

Step 4: Open WhatsApp and verify your number by sending a message to that number via WhatsApp. 

Step 5: Once you have verified your number, click on “Start Tracking”. You will get a notification that someone is tracking you. 

Step 6: You can now track all activities of the person being tracked such as messages, calls, gallery etc.

How to use Whatsapp Spy Apk

  • First, you need to download the app from this website or from any other source you prefer and then install it on your phone. Once you have installed the app, open it and enter your target person’s mobile number which you want to spy on. 
  • After entering their number, click on “Start Monitoring” button which will start tracking all their activity on WhatsApp messenger app including who they are talking to, when they are talking etc. 
  • By using this tool, you can easily know if your partner is cheating on you or not because by using this tool you will be able to see everything that happens on their phone including what files they are opening and downloading as well as all photos or videos that they have taken with their camera.
  • It allows you to read all messages sent by other users of Whatsapp without any difficulty.
  • You can also check out all photos and videos that have been sent by other users of this application.
  • This application also allows you to check out all contacts present on the device where you want to install it in order to know who they are talking to and what they are talking about.


Finally, Whatsapp is your reliable partner when it comes to communicating with friends and family. But sometimes, the need for surveillance arises. If you don’t want to read private messages or you need to control groups of your friends, there is a solution. 

It’s called Whatsapp spy apk. Now you can easily find out who is in a group and on which mobile number they are registered. Also, you can keep track of private messages and that too without installing any special application on the phone of your kids or the person you want to track.